Native American Affairs

Training Opportunities for Reclamation Employees

The following training programs are available to Reclamation employees trying to improve their skills in working with tribes. Some of these programs may also be open to non-Reclamation employees.
  1. Currently available or scheduled training
    1. Offered by Reclamation:
    2. Nothing currently scheduled
    3. Offered by other entities:
    4. On-line training opportunities

      “Working Effectively with Tribal Governments" – Free introductory training program to introduce the student to some of the fundamental concepts concerning working with Indian tribes and Indian law. This program was developed by the Interagency Working Group on Indian Affairs, an informal group in which Reclamation participates on some activities. Note that the script for this training program was not reviewed by the Interior Solicitor’s Office and on some issues, Interior may have a different perspective from that presented in the course. However, for a person who has minimal background working with tribal issues and needs to have some training “right now,” this course provides a good place to get started. The course takes about one hour to complete without the optional text boxes; a little longer if the text boxes are linked to. Available at:

  2. Past Reclamation Training Programs

    The following is a selected list of past training programs sponsored by Reclamation’s Native American Affairs Program. These sessions may be offered in the future if there is sufficient interest and funding is available. Interested employees are encouraged to contact their Regional Native American Affairs Program Coordinators or the Office of Native American and International Affairs Office in the Commissioner’s Office.

  • Alternative Dispute and Indian Water Rights Negotiation – Applying Alternative Dispute Resolution principles in the context of Indian water rights settlements.
  • Indian Trust Responsibility - Training focus has usually been on those aspects of the trust responsibility deemed most helpful for employees concerned with ensuring that Reclamation’s Indian Trust Asset Policy and Procedures are properly carried out.  Sessions typically held in Regional or Area Offices for ½ day to full day sessions.
  • Native American cultural awareness - Workshops and training programs have been held for Reclamation-wide, Regional and Area Office groups.   Programs' length has ranged from a few hours to a few days.
  • Public Law 93-638, Title I – One and one-half to three day training programs to address basic concepts of working under Title I.
  • Public Law 93-638, Title IV
  • Water rights – Session focus has ranged from fundamentals of western water law with an emphasis on the reserved water rights doctrine to educating Reclamation managers and employees about the Department’s Indian water rights settlement program and Reclamation’s role in this program.


Last Updated: 6/12/15