Native American Program - Lower Colorado Plains Region

The Lower Colorado Region Native American Affairs Office (LC-NAAO) was established in 1990. Its goal was to improve communications between Reclamation and Tribe governments. The office has been responsible for policy and direction of Native American issues pertaining to the LC Region. Other responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating communications between Tribal leadership and Reclamation
  • Advocating the Tribal perspective in Reclamation's decisionmaking process
  • Fair, honest and unbiased representation of Reclamation's concerns and interest
  • Water settlement
  • Trust Assets
  • Increasing Reclamation's program on the Reservations
The office provides:
  • Information on Reclamation policy, views, and concerns with constituents
  • An atmosphere of cultural respect that permits Tribal representatives to articulate their needs
  • Guidance to Area Offices and the Regional Office concerning present status of Reclamation's relationship with Tribal governments as it relates to particular issues
  • Tribal relations, pre-negotiations, and negotiation expertise
  • Training in the area of cultural awareness and diversity
  • Staff support for Indian Trust Assets, water rights, and Self-Determination and self-governance negotiations

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Last Updated: 9/22/16