Native American Affairs

Indian Trust Responsibility

Department of Interior:

Departmental Manual -- Departmental Responsibilities for Indian Trust Resources, 512 DM 2 (12/01/1995)

Departmental Manual -- Departmental Responsibilities for Indian Trust Resources, 303 DM 2 (10/31/2000)

* Guidance issued by Interior’s Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance

ECM97-2 – Departmental Responsibilities for Indian Trust Resources and Indian Sacred Sites on Federal Lands   (5/8/1997)

Secretarial Order Number 3335 - Trust Responsibility

Bureau of Reclamation:

• Reclamation's Indian Trust Asset Policy (July 2, 1993, memo from the Commissioner)

• NEPA Handbook Procedures to Implement Indian Trust Asset Policy (Nov. 29, 1993, memorandum from the Commissioner and attachment)

• Indian Trust Asset Policy:  Guidance for Implementing

October 21, 1994 memorandum from the Commissioner

Questions and Answers about the Indian Trust Asset Policy and Procedures (dated August 31, 1994)  [Note:  An updated version of this document is expected to be available in late 2011 .]

•Reclamation NEPA Handbook – Reclamation's NEPA Handbook is currently being revised.  When the final is available, it is anticipated that Reclamation’s Indian Trust Asset Policies, Procedures, and Guidance will be incorporated into the Handbook, as well as included in the appendices.  In the interim, a 2000 Public Review Draft is available, which will give a sense as to how this might be accomplished, although the text could change before the final manual is published.





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