Native American Affairs

Selected Policies, Guidance, and Procedures for Working with Federally Recognized Indian Tribes

  1.        Consultation, Protocol, and the Government-to-Government Relationship

  2.        Cultural Resources and the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act

  3.        Endangered Species

  4.        Environmental Justice

  5.        Government Performance and Results Act and Strategic Plan

  6.        Grants and Cooperative Agreements with Tribes

  7.        Native American Program of the Bureau of Reclamation:

              - Mission/Vision Statements

              - Overarching Indian Policy

              - Program Assessment

  8.        Sacred Sites

  9.        Technical Assistance by Reclamation’s Native American Affairs Program

10.       Title Transfer of Reclamation Projects

11.       Tribal Colleges and Universities

12.       Tribal Self-Determination and Self-Governance

13.       Trust Responsibility

14.       Water Rights Settlements





Last Updated: 6/12/15