NAGPRA Summaries

NAGPRA Summaries are written descriptions of collections that may contain unassociated funerary objects, sacred objects, or objects of cultural patrimony. Reclamation submitted a single Reclamation NAGPRA Summary Report by November 16, 1993, to the National NAGPRA Program. It served as notification to 133 Indian tribes as to the nature of the collections held by Reclamation. The summary was intended as an initial step to bring Indian tribes into consultation with Reclamation.

While meeting the requirements of 36 CFR Part 79 and Interior's Departmental Manual Part 411, Reclamation became aware of items under its control, not previously reported, that fit the definition of unassociated funerary objects and sacred objects. Reclamation found that its original summary included objects not under its control. In 2000, the Phoenix Area Office, Lower Colorado Region, submitted a supplement to the 1993 Summary Report to National NAGPRA Program removing these items.

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