Collection Mandates, Policies, and Guidance

A number of Federal laws and regulations, as well as Department of the Interior and Bureau of Reclamation policy, prescribe how Reclamation manages its Museum Property Program.  Below you will find information and links to websites for applicable laws, regulations, policy, and guidance.



  • Curation of Federally-Owned and Administered Archaeological Collections (36 CFR part 79)
  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Regulations (43 CFR part 10)
  • Preservation of American Antiquities (43 CFR part 3)
  • Protection of Archaeological Resources (43 CFR part 7)

Department of the Interior Policy

The Department of the Interior developed the Departmental Manual and the Directives as a means of documenting and issuing mandatory policies and procedures for various programs within the Department.  Below are four such documents specific to the management of personal property and museum property. 

  • Departmental Manual, Part 410, Personal Property Management
  • Departmental Manual, Part 411, Identifying and Managing Museum Property
  • Interior Property Management Directives supplement to the Federal Management Regulations (114-60)
  • Department of the Interior Museum Property Directives

Bureau of Reclamation Policy

The Reclamation Manual consists of a series of mandatory policy documents which establish Reclamation-wide responsibilities and procedures for managing various programs.  Below are three such documents specific to the Museum Property Program.  Additionally, two Reclamation-wide management documents are listed, which provide parameters for the museum objects that can become part of Reclamation’s museum collection and establish the goals of the Museum Property Program to continue to preserve, protect, and provide access to Reclamation’s museum collections. 

  • Reclamation Manual, Policy, Museum Property Management, LND P05
  • Reclamation Manual, Directive and Standard, Museum Property Management, LND 02-02, including Appendix A and Appendix B
  • Reclamation Manual, Directive and Standard, Museum Records, LND 02-05
  • Reclamation-wide Scope of Collection Statement
  • Reclamation-wide Collection Management Plan

The Reclamation Supplements to the Federal Management Regulations (114S-60) provide useful information specific to Reclamation for managing personal property, of which museum property is a subset, such as accountability and inventory requirements.


Other Useful Information

Also refer to Reclamation CRM policies and guidance and general CRM mandates for more information related to management of Reclamation’s CRM Program.

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