Reclamation's museum collections have been and continue to be exhibited at several museums and visitor centers.  For more information on interpretive displays and visitor centers highlighting Reclamation history and cultural resources, visit our Promoting Our Past page.

Hoover Dam

The Lower Colorado Dams Office has created a photo gallery of historic and modern photographs of Hoover Dam. The photographs have been organized into four sections:

  1. Dam Views - modern views of the dam.
  2. Power Plant - views of the generators and other equipment.
  3. Historic Views - views from the period of construction.
  4. Old Post Cards - a collection of old post cards.

Hoover Dam

Also at the Hoover Dam Visitor Center is an exhibit entitled "Installation of the Arizona Generator Units 1936-1952" on the Arizona Balcony in the powerhouse.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

On display is a Tyrannosaurus rex lower jaw from Elephant Butte Reservoir in southern New Mexico.

Glen Canyon Visitor Center

Artifacts from the Glen Canyon Archaeological Project, on loan from the Museum of Northern Arizona, are on display in a temporary exhibit. In addition, a few pieces of Reclamation’s artwork are featured in a permanent display, along with the last cement bucket used in building Glen Canyon Dam.


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