Underground powerhouse at Morrow Point Dam

Underground Powerplant
by Lloyd Lozes-Goff (1918-1982)
Oil on artists board, 30'' x 23 1/2"
Underground powerhouse at Morrow Point Dam, Aspinall Unit, Colorado River Storage Project

Morrow Point Dam, Reservoir and Powerplant are part of the Wayne Aspinall Unit of the Colorado River Storage Project. The powerplant is located in a chamber carved out of the canyon wall almost 400-feet underground and is the first of its type constructed by Reclamation. The Colorado River Storage Project provides the long-term storage required by the states in the Upper Colorado River Basin to meet the requirements of the Colorado River Compact while still being able to utilize their allotment of the waters of the Colorado River. Other units of the project include Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona, Flaming Gorge Dam in Utah, and Blue Mesa Dam in Colorado.