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Title: Trinity River Winter Flow Variability Project
Summary: Starting in winter 2021-2022, Reclamations TRRP office proposes to change how variable annual Trinity River ROD water is managed to benefit Trinity River fisheries. Moving a portion of the ROD water volume to the winter and spring run-off periods is proposed to better match natural flow variability within the watershed. Expected benefits of the proposal would: 1) enhance natural cleaning and transport of river gravels, 2) limit the impact of cold water from the dam on growth of juvenile salmon and steelhead, as well as other native aquatic species, 3) allow the river to naturally warm earlier in the season to better provide outmigration cues to migratory fish, and 4) elevate flows before salmon emergence from their in-river nests (redds) to increase food availability and access to floodplain nursery habitats.
Brandt Gutermuth (530) 623-1806 (530) 623-5944
09/20/2021Draft EA available for review on September 20, 2021. Comments are due by October 21, 2021.
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