Project Details
Title: Patua Bypass Road EA
Summary: Reclamation has withdrawn land in Churchill County, Nevada, for the Newlands Project. Vulcan Power Company (Vulcan) is requesting authorization to construct a 1550 foot-long bypass road on Reclamation-withdrawn land in Churchill County, Nevada. The road would allow Vulcan to explore the potential for the geothermal resources in privately held portions of the Hazen-Patua lease area.
01/29/2009EA expected to be available for review in mid-December 2008. FONSI signed and final EA prepared January 26, 2009. Attachments to the EA are available from the above contact.
List of Available Reports
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Signed FONSI, Patua Bypass Road .pdf 177 KB
Final EA, Patua Bypass Road .pdf 1,232 KB
EA, Patua Bypass Road .pdf 2,425 KB