Project Details
Title: Installation and Rehabilitation of Stream Gages on the San Joaquin River Environmental Assessment
Summary: Reclamation will rehabilitate and retrofit the existing stream gage stations at the bifurcation structure and below Sack Dam on the San Joaquin River, and to install two new monitoring stations at the top of Reach 4B and one at the confluence of the Merced and San Joaquin Rivers.
Laura Myers 559-487-5179 N/A
02/18/2009FONSI signed on January 29, 2009. Draft EA available for review October 31, 2008.
List of Available Reports
File Report Title File Ext File Size
Signed FONSI and Final EA, Stream Gages on San Joaquin .pdf 1,332 B
Draft EA/FONSI, Stream Gages on San Joaquin .pdf 4,849 B