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Title: Trinity River Mechanical Channel Rehabilitation Program: Canyon Creek Suite of Rehabilitation Sites: Trinity River Mile 73 to 78 EA/EIR
Summary: Implementation of the Canyon Creek Rehabilitation sites (Project) will be the second Mechanical Channel rehabilitation effort required by the Trinity River Mainstem Fishery Restoration Final EIS/EIR Record of Decision (ROD) to increase diversity and habitat for salmonids. The Project will remove riparian berms and create functional floodplain at four sites along the Trinity River downstream of Canyon Creek. Within this Trinity River reach, these sites will work synergistically to create a smaller, dynamic alluvial river channel which exhibits characteristics of the pre-dam Trinity but at a smaller scale.
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11/01/2007Notice of Preparation under California Environmental Quality Act 10/6/05. Scoping meeting 10/6/05 Draft EA released on February 9, 2006. Comments period ended March 27, 2006. Final EA/EIR released October 2, 2006. Construction completed November 2006. Planting done March 2007.
List of Available Reports
File Report Title File Ext File Size
Final EA/EIR - FONSI, Chap 1 - Canyon Cr. .pdf 233 KB
Final EA/EIR - Chap. 2 - Canyon Cr. .pdf 402 KB
Final EA/EIR - Chap. 3 - Canyon Cr. .pdf 2,358 KB
Final EA/EIR - Chap. 4, Appendix - Canyon Cr. .pdf 243 KB
Vol 1 - Draft FONSI,Summary; Canyon Creek Draft EA/EIR, .pdf 818 KB
Vol 2 - Cover, Contents; Canyon Creek Draft EA/EIR .pdf 112 KB
Vol 2 - Introd., Alternatives & Proposed Action, Intro to Impacts; Canyon Creek Draft EA/EIR .pdf 2,619 KB
Vol 2 - Land Use; Canyon Creek Draft EA/EIR .pdf 586 KB
Vol 2 - Geology, Soils; Canyon Creek Draft EA/EIR .pdf 6,302 KB
Vol 2 - Water, Fish, Veg, Wildlife; Canyon Creek Draft EA/EIR .pdf 4,040 KB
Vol 2 - Other Resources; Canyon Creek Draft EA/EIR .pdf 4,417 KB
Vol 2 - Consultation/Coordination, References, Preparers, etc.; Canyon Creek Draft EA/EIR .pdf 215 KB
Vol 3 - Cover, Contents, Appendix A Mitig. Plan & Appendix B Public Involve.; Canyon Creek EA/EIR .pdf 546 KB
Vol 3 - Appendix C, Wetlands; Canyon Creek EA/EIR .pdf 6,536 KB
Vol 3 - Appendices D-M; Canyon Creek EA/EIR .pdf 2,045 KB