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Mid-Pacific Quality Assurance Team

By involving the Mid-Pacific Quality Assurance Team in environmental monitoring programs, a project manager has the opportunity to recruit the knowledge and capabilities of personnel trained on multiple aspects of quality assurance An integrated system of management activities involving planning, implementation, documentation, assessment, reporting, and quality improvement to ensure that a process, item, or service is of the type and quality needed and expected by the customer. . The Quality Assurance Team is responsible for ensuring that collected data are valid and legally defensible. This goal is accomplished by:


Auditors document the use of approved sampling techniques, ensure compliance with equipment use and maintenance protocols, review documentation associated with sample collection, ensure compliance with laboratory analytical methods, investigate sample traceability and verify legally defensible laboratory practice.


The Quality Assurance Team can select appropriate quality assurance samples to incorporate into environmental sample batches. All samples are then sent to a Mid-Pacific Region approved contract laboratoryA laboratory that has been approved to perform work on Reclamation samples after having been audited by the quality assurance team. The approved contract laboratory is on Reclamation's master list of approved laboratories. for analysis. Review of quality assurance sample analytical results evaluates accuracyThe degree of agreement between a measurement and the true or expected value. , precision An estimate of variability; an estimate of agreement among individual measurements of the same physical or chemical properties., and sample contamination Introduction of a parameter of concern at a concentration that makes the medium (water, soil, air, or other media) unfit to assess for that parameter..


Other services provided by the Quality Assurance Team include writing and reviewing Quality Assurance Project Plans A document describing in comprehensive detail the necessary quality assurance, quality control, and other technical activities that must be implemented to ensure that the results of the work performed will satisfy the stated performance criteria. in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency and other established guidelines, generating Quality Assurance Summary Reports, designing Quality Assurance Plans for environmental monitoring programs, and presenting quality assurance training to interested groups.

  Quality Assurance Team

Julie Eldredge - Quality Assurance Officer

Russell Clayton - Quality Assurance Specialist

Victor Stokmanis - Quality Assurance Specialist

Chris Garduno - Quality Assurance Specialist

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