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Mid-Pacific Environmental Monitoring Team

     The US Bureau of Reclamation Environmental Monitoring Branch offers environmental monitoring and assessment services to government and tribal agencies needing assistance with site characterization and environmental investigations. Established in 1985, our Branch designs environmental monitoring programs and conducts ecological and human health risk assessments. Working as a team, our environmental scientists, data analysts, quality assurance specialists, and program managers have designed and implemented numerous environmental monitoring programs in the Mid-Pacific Region. Projects range from one-time assessments to on-going monitoring programs lasting over 10 years. For more information about our services, please read on.


The Environmental Monitoring Team (EMT) is composed of environmental scientists who, in cooperation with the Data Management Team (DMT) and Quality Assurance Team (QAT), provide environmental assessments and analytical data that are representative, reproducible, and legally defensible.

In particular, we:

  • Design assessment and monitoring projects
  • Choose appropriate analytical methods and reporting limits
  • Organize and equip sampling efforts, including:
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Instrumentation
  • Maintenance
  • Personnel
  • Carry-out sampling activities
  • During and following sample collection, ensure that analytes are neither introduced, lost, nor altered
  • Review and interpret analytical results
  • Provide assessment reports


The Environmental Monitoring Branch oversees numerous monitoring programs within each of our five mid-Pacific regional Area Offices; we also assist with several projects for tribal agencies.


EMT staff members evaluate data and provide environmental and public health impact assessments following QAT approval of all analytical results. Assessment reports are generated by the EMT, then reviewed by the DMT and QAT before release to clients and contracting agencies.



 Environmental Monitoring Team
Stuart Angerer - Environmental Monitoring Team Leader

Laura Benninger - Physical Scientist

Maria Del Hoyo - Physical Scientist

Harry Horner - Physical Scientist

Brian Urbick - Physical Scientist
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