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Mid-Pacific Environmental Monitoring Branch
Database Management Team

     The purpose of the MP-157 Environmental Monitoring database is to maintain an accurate record of all water quality and environmental contaminant data collected by environmental monitoring personnel. The MP-157 database provides for accurate data management and quick data retrieval. The Data Management Team (DMT) operates the database and works closely with members of the Environmental Monitoring Team (EMT) and the Quality Assurance Team (QAT). The DMT is accountable for the accuracy, consistency, organization, preservation, and retrieval of all data within the MP-157 database.


     The DMT's objectives are accurately manage all data in the MP-157 Environmental Database: enter field documentation data and analytical laboratory data; insure the accuracy of data entered through the data verification process; store and protect primary, hard-copy data; and retrieve environmental monitoring data.

  Data Management Services Provided
  Database Management Team
Eva Grey - Lead Environmental Data Technician

Ali Beals - Environmental Data Technician

Rosa Maria Heredia - Environmental Data Technician

Leila Horibata - Environmental Data Technician
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