Yuma Area Water Management System (YAWMS) Well Fields

The map displayed below shows the area covered by the YAWMS SCADA system, some 47,360 acres of the Lower Colorado River Valley.  This is the first of several "drill-down" maps.  As you click on the shaded areas, you will see succeeding maps display smaller surface areas with more details.  The final map will allow you to pick out individual wells for data displays.

To use:
1) Move the cursor over one of the well fields to highlight and identify it
2) Click on one of these well fields (South Gila, south Yuma Valley/Mesa, north Yuma Valley/Mesa or 242)
    to display a detailed map of the well field with individual wells identified by name

Display 242 Well Field Display southern half of Yuma Valley & Yuma Mesa well fields Display northern half of Yuma Valley & Yuma Mesa well fields Display South Gila Valley well field

Well Field Name :

For an overview of YAWMS, please visit: YAWMS Introduction
To learn about groundwater, visit: Groundwater Basics
Other questions may be answered here: FAQs

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Last Updated: 1/11/17