DRAFT Yuma Water Operations Dashboard

Real-time* water operations at a glance

Brock Reservoir

Depth (FT):
   Cell 1 -
   Cell 2 -
Storage Volume (AF):
Total Capacity (Cells 1 + 2):
   8440 AF
Volume Stored YTD (AF):

Senator Wash Reservoir

Elevation AMSL (FT):
Storage Volume (AF):
Total Capacity:
   9144 AF
Volume Stored YTD (AF):
Yuma Mesa Conduit Valves

Yuma Mesa Conduit & Gila Valley DPOCs

YTD Totals
Groundwater (AF):
To River:
Flows (AF):
To Mexico Excess:
Salinity (PPM):
At Imperial Dam:
Total at NIB:
EOY Projection:
Pilot Knob

Note: Hover and/or click on each marker to view real-time data at each location or to open PDF reports containing groundwater elevation maps for each area.


Data Disclaimer:
The data and information shown on this page are collected by an automated process and are provisional in nature. Users are cautioned to carefully consider the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences. Information concerning the accuracy and appropriate uses of these data and information may be obtained by contacting the office shown below:

Yuma Area Office
7301 Calle Agua Salada
Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: 800-433-8464 or 928-343-8100