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Native Aquatic Species of the Gila River Basin
in Arizona and New Mexico

Project Listing

The Gila River Basin Native Fishes                Conservation Program

A listing of approved projects under the Gila River Basin Native Fishes Conservation Program.

TASK SCHEDULE for projects related to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's conservation actions (recovery and protection) for the spikedace, loach minnow, Gila topminnow, razorback sucker, or other Gila Basin listed or candidate fish species.

Project Description Status
1. Aravaipa Creek geohydrology review and need analysis Completed
2. Continuation of long-term monitoring of spikedace and loach minnow in New Mexico and long-term data analysis Completed
3. Maintenance of existing backup Gila topminnow natural stocks at Arizona State University Ongoing
4. Survey of water rights in native fish habitats in the Gila Basin and identification of possible protection and acquisition opportunities Pending
5. Augmentation of stocking of Gila topminnow reintroduction populations in Campaign Creek, Cottonwood Artesian (Arizona), and Redrock Game Area (New Mexico) Completed
6.Roundtail chub status survey Completed
7. Achii-Hanyo native fishes grow-out facility enhancement Completed
8. Assessment of Colorado pikeminnow and razorback sucker reintroduction programs in the Gila River Basin Completed
9. Survey of Verde River drainage for loach minnow Completed
10. Loach minnow and spikedace declines in Gila River Basin Completed
11. Key to larval native fishes Completed
12. Development of propagation techniques for spikedace Completed
13. Technical monitoring of fund transfer program Completed
14. Fish database workshop and manual Completed
15. Gila topminnow stockings Ongoing
16. Repatriation of nongame native fishes to Arizona trout streams Ongoing
17. Repatriation of nongame native fishes to New Mexico Gila trout streams Ongoing
18. Repatriation of native fishes into Redrock Canyon Pending
19. Repatriation of native fishes into Arnett Creek Ongoing
20. Native fish repatriations into Blue River Pending
21. Unforeseen miscellaneous support expenses Ongoing
22. Genetic differentiation among Gila river basin chub populations and
Population structure in the roundtail chub of the Gila River basin as determined by microsatellites
23. Stock loachminnow and spikedace into Hot Springs and Redfield Canyons Ongoing
24. Acquire Verde River spikedace and Eagle Creek spikedace and loach minnow for propagation Ongoing
26. Propagation techniques for chubs Ongoing
27. Helicopter support for Aravaipa Creek topminnow stockings Completed
28. Acquisition of chemicals for stream renovations Completed
29. Romero and Paige Creek renovations Completed
30. Turkey Creek repatriations Completed
31. Post Canyon/Welch Spring repatriations Ongoing
33. Acquisition of fish transport equipment Completed
34. Lower San Pedro River Preserve pond refuge stockings Ongoing
35. Pupfish genetics Completed
36. Post-repatriation evaluations Ongoing
37. Bubbling Ponds Hatchery development Completed
38. Loach minnow/spikedace data assembly, Arizona Ongoing
39. Loach minnow/spikedace data assembly, New Mexico Completed
40. Lower San Pedro River Preserve pond reconstruction Completed
41. Bubbling Ponds Hatchery operation and maintanence support Ongoing
42. Helicopter support for native fish salvage and translocation Ongoing
43. Inventory of fish assemblages in the Gila River Forks Complex and Distribution of spikedace, loach minnow, and chub species in the Gila River Basin, New Mexico Completed
44. Fossil Creek Repatriations Ongoing
45. Mineral Creek repatriations Pending
46. Spikedace repatriation to San Francisco River, New Mexico Ongoing
47. Isotope analysis of Gila River Forks fish communities: Report 1, Report 2 Completed
48. Restoration of Red Rock Cienega Ongoing
49. Morgan City Wash repatriations Ongoing
50. San Francisco River drainage fish inventory Ongoing
51. Blue River Hatchery investigations Ongoing
52. Assess additional streams for repatriations Ongoing
53. San Pedro River Preserve pond lining Completed
54. Roundtail chub pond construction at Bubbling Ponds Hatchery Completed
55. Eagle Creek chub capture and transport Completed

TASK SCHEDULE for projects related to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's research on and control of non-native aquatic species.

Project Description Status
1. Preliminary work for baseline study and monitoring for fish diseases and pathogens in Gila River Basin Completed
2. Plan development of construction of a fish barrier on the East Fork White River Completed
3. Feasibility of piscicide development for control of nonnative fishes Completed
4. Improvement of grade control structures on Sonoita Creek Completed
5. Chemical Ichthyocide acquisition Completed
6. Stock tank easements Pending
7. Acquisition of chemical Ichthyocide Completed
8. Blue River fish barrier design Ongoing
9. Investigation of crayfish control technology Completed
10. Renovation of upper Fossil Creek Completed
11. Fossil Creek fish barrier feasibility study Completed
12. Granite Creek fish barrier feasibility study Completed
13. Acquisition of Ichthyocide and detoxification chemicals Completed
14. Transgenic fish feasibility study Completed
15. Survey of Fossil Creek stock tanks Completed
16. Fossil Creek fish barrier design Completed
17. Redfield/Hot Springs canyons fish barrier feasibility study Ongoing
18. Redfield/Hot Springs canyons fish barrier design Ongoing
19. Bonita Creek fish barrier feasibility study Completed
20. New Mexico fish barriers feasilbility study Completed
21. Redrock Canyon fish barrier design Completed
22.Crayfish removal from Fossil Creek Completed
23. Production of Southwestern fishes book Completed
24. Tonto Creek fish barrier feasibility study Ongoing
25. Acquisition of stream renovation supplies Completed
26. Acquisition of chemical for stream renovations Completed
27. O'Donnell Canyon fish barrier feasibility Completed
28. Fossil Creek stock tank and Stehr Lake nonnative fish eradications Completed
29. State oversight and application costs for chemical renovations Completed
30. Lewis Springs fish barrier feasibility Completed
31. Stillman Lake and Verde Springs National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) Completed
32. Stock tank surveys of Arnett Creek, Cottonwood Spring, and Redrock Canyon drainages Pending
33. Effectiveness of fish barriers and renovations to secure native fish populations against nonnative fishes Completed
34. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Central Arizona Project Fund Transfer Program Completed
35. Travel costs for transgenic fish briefing Completed
36. Helicopter support for Fossil Creek Completed
37. Antimycin purchase for Fossil Creek Completed
38. Rotenone purchase for Fossil Creek stock tanks Completed
39. Upper Gila River mechanical removal of nonnatives Completed
40. Stillman Lake / Verde Springs renovation implementation Pending
41. Little Creek fish barrier design Ongoing
42. Fresno Canyon renovation Completed
43. Emergency Salvage facility needs Completed
44. West Fork Oak Creek barrier design Ongoing
45. Redrock Canyon renovation Pending
46. Bonita Creek renovation Completed
47. Genetic biocontrol symposium Completed
48. Rotenone purchase (new formulation) Completed
49. Additional operation and maintenance costs for Bubbling Ponds Hatchery Ongoing
50. West Fork Oak Creek fish barrier design Ongoing
51. Spring Creek renovation and repatriation Pending
52. Little Creek, New Mexico, non-native mechanical removal Ongoing
53. West Fork Oak Creek fish barrier construction Pending
54. Redfield Canyon green sunfish mechanical removal Ongoing

Last Reviewed:
November 3, 2011

Joseph J. Billerbeck - jbillerbeck@usbr.gov