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Livery Services

Paddle Craft Rental, Launch and Retrieval Service Permit Holders as of July 2016

The following liveries presently have approved permits with the National Park Service at Lake Mead National Recreation Area to provide various canoe and kayak services that may include rental, delivery, retrieval, and guide service within the park including all of Lake Mead and Lake Mohave. Only authorized vehicles are permitted within the Bureau of Reclamation restricted security area near Hoover Dam, including the launch site.

Groups that choose to rent canoes and equipment from authorized liveries will have the launch and retrieval included in their packages. Any others who bring private craft and equipment will need to use one of the authorized livery services to launch at Hoover Dam, and may arrange retrieval, shuttle of passengers, or other rental services as they desire.

These requirements are due to security and liability concerns associated with Hoover Dam. A few non-profit organizations may have high capacity passenger vans towing commercial canoe trailers and may meet additional liability insurance requirements to qualify for launch permits without requiring the assistance of a authorized canoe livery (to be determined at time of reservation).

Following is a list of current permitted operators that may be contacted for these services, and/or your launch permits:

  • 9th Island
    Tel. (702) 293-7873
  • Blue Waters Kayaking
    Tel. (415) 488-4538
  • Boulder City River Riders, LLC
    Tel. (702) 219-9210
  • Desert River Kayak
    Tel. (928) 754-5320
  • Four Season Guides
    Tel. (928) 525-1552
  • Nelson Adventure Company, LLC
    Tel. (323) 930-9037
  • After Cool Outdoors, LLC
    Tel. (602) 692-5937
  • Blazin' Paddles, LLC
    Tel. (702) 428-0079
  • Boojum Institute
    Tel. (951) 763-4102 x.231
  • Desert Adventures, LLC
    Tel. (702) 293-5026
  • Evolution Expeditions Kayaking, LLC
    Tel. (702) 259-5292
  • Jerkwater Canoe Company, Inc.
    Tel. (928) 768-7753
  • River Dogz
    Tel. (702) 325-5851
Last Updated: 11/7/19