Twin Buttes Reservoir Ecosystem Restoration Project

The U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), has prepared a draft environmental assessment (EA) which identifies alternatives to address ecosystem restoration associated with the Upper Colorado River Authority’s (UCRA) proposed brush removal project at Twin Buttes Reservoir. The draft EA adopts an EA completed by the U.S. Corps of Engineers (USCOE) completed for a similar ecosystem restoration project at O.C. Fisher Reservoir (Detailed Project Report and Integrated Environmental Assessment for O.C. Fisher Lake Ecosystem Restoration Project, San Angelo, Texas, June 2005.) Both the USCOE and Reclamation EAs analyze and disclose effects associated with helicopter spraying of herbicides and mechanical plowing to control growth of mesquite, saltcedar, and willow baccharis on land surrounding the reservoirs.

Current Events:
The Draft EA is available for a 10-day comment period ending April 21, 2010. Comments may be submitted by the following methods:

In person:   At the UCRA Headquarters Office 512 Orient St., San Angelo, Texas, 76903

E-mail to:

Regular mail to:

Collins Balcombe
Bureau of Reclamation
Oklahoma-Texas Area Office
5316 HWY 290 W, Suite 110
Austin, TX 78735

Facsimilie to:  512-899-4179 Attention: Collins Balcombe


Last Updated: 5/26/15