Equus Beds ASR Project EIS

The purpose of the Equus Beds Aquifer Recharge, Storage, and Recovery Program (ASR Project) is to provide a reliable supply of potable water to the City through the year 2050 while protecting and restoring, to the extent possible, the Equus Beds aquifer. Reclamation has been authorized to assist with funding the ASR Project, so this project must be considered under the National Environmental Policy Act, also known as NEPA. Because of the scale of the proposed ASR Project, Reclamation must complete an Environmental Impact Statement, or EIS.

This web page will be the public's connection with the NEPA process, and contains valuable information about the ASR Project. For more information about the ASR, click on the links below.

Current Events:
The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is now available for public review and comment through September 11, 2009. You may submit written comments to Equus Beds ASR Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Bureau of Reclamation, Oklahoma-Texas Area Office, 5924 NW 2nd Street, Ste 200, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73127; or by emailing them to cwebster@usbr.gov.


Area Map of Equus Beds
Area Map of Equus Beds

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