Health and Safety Inspection of Medicine Creek Lodge Concession Area

In accordance with Master Lease Agreement - 14-06-700-3816-A, between the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) and the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission (NGPC), NGPC is responsible for administering and managing lands and facilities at Reclamation Reservoirs in Nebraska for recreation, wildlife and related purposes.

As part of the Master Lease Agreement, and pursuant to Reclamation Directives and Standards - LND 04-02, Concessions Management by Non-Federal Partners -, NGPC may enter into third party concession agreements to provide concession related services and facilities. As noted in these standards (LND 04-02 (7)(A)), all concession agreements issued by the non-Federal partner will require Reclamation and the non-Federal partner to conduct annual concession reviews and evaluations. The review should identify problems, solutions, and a timetable for resolving the problems in a written report. The non-Federal partner must ensure that any operational or administrative deficiencies noted by the review are corrected in accordance with the established timetable.

Over the past few years, several activities/actions have been directly documented and observed that gave concern to the operations of the concession and exclusive use area at Medicine Creek Lodge, LLC. After discussions with NGPC, a joint decision was made to proceed with a health and safety inspection by an independent contractor. This information would then be used in moving forward with an action plan for the concession area. Below are the documents that pertain to the health and safety inspection conducted at Medicine Creek Lodge, LLC, and the management agreements for the area.

Last Updated: 4/15/16