SNOTEL Stations by Area Office

This is a listing of all available station codes on the Great Plains Region Hydromet System. For help finding a listing, use the "Find in this page" option under "Edit" on your browser's menu bar.

NOTE: SNOTEL information presented graphically, using charts, is also available for Montana and Wyoming facilities through our Snow Water Content Graphs.

Note Some stations are not currently collecting data but may have data from previous years. These data may be accessed through the archive request form.

Eastern Colorado Area Office Snotel Stations
Code Name/Location Elevation
APSC Apishapa, Colorado 10000
ARROWCO Arrow, Colorado 9680
ASNC Independence Pass, Colorado 10600
BERTHSPC Berthoud Summit, Colorado 11300
BLKC Bear Lake, Colorado 9500
BRMC Brumley, Colorado 10600
COPLNDCO Copeland Lake, Colorado 8600
DEDMNHCO Dead Man Hill, Colorado 10200
FREMNTCO Fremont Pass, Colorado 11400
GRIZLYCO Grizzly Peak, Colorado 11100
HOSIERCO Hoosier Pass, Colorado 11400
IHCO Ivanhoe, Colorado  
JWRC Joe Wright, Colorado 10120
KLNC Kiln, Colorado 9600
LIRENECO Lake Irene, Colorado 10700
NLCO Nast Lake, Colorado 8700
PHANTMCO Phantom Valley, Colorado 9030
SCCO Stillwater Creek, Colorado 8720
UNIVERCO University Camp, Colorado 10300
WLDBASCO Wild Basin, Colorado  
WRPC Willow Park, Colorado 10700
Montana Area Office Snotel Stations
Code Name/Location Elevation
BADM Badger Pass, Montana 6900
BEAM Beagle Springs, Montana 8850
BEVM Beaver Creek, Montana 7850
BLBM Black Bear, Montana 7950
BLOM Bloody Dick, Montana 7550
BOMM Boulder Mountain, Montana 7950
BOXM Box Canyon, Montana 6700
BRCM Brackett Creek, Montana 7320
CLCM Cole Creek, Montana 7850
CLVM Calvert Creek, Montana 6430
CPKW Cloud Peak Reservoir, Montana 9850
CRBI Crab Creek, Idaho 6860
CRRM Carrot Basin, Montana 7000
CRYM Crystal Lake, Montana 6050
CSHM Note Cache Creek, Montana 7800
CMDM Clover Meadow, Montana 8800
CPCM Copper Camp, Montana  
DDMM Deadman Creek, Montana 6450
DHLM Darkhorse Lake, Montana 8700
DIVM Divide, Montana 7800
DPYM Dupuyer Creek, Montana 5750
EMCM Emery Creek, Montana 4350
FSHM Fisher Creek, Montana 9100
FTMM Flattop Mountain, Montana 6300
FRHM Frohner Meadow, Montana 6480
ISPI Island Park, Idaho  
LVRM Lakeview Ridge, Montana 7400
LMHM Lemhi Ridge, Montana 8100
LCKM Lick Creek, Montana 6860
LWTM Lower Twin, Montana 7900
MDPM Madison Plateau, Montana 7750
MANM Many Glacier, Montana 4900
MNPM Monument Peak, Montana 8850
MOKI Moose Creek, Idaho 6200
MTKM Mount Lockhart, Montana 6400
MULM Mule Creek, Montana  
NEVM Nevada Ridge, Montana 7020
NOIM Noisy Basin, Montana  
NORM Northeast Entrance, Montana 7350
PCKM Pickfoot Creek, Montana 6650
PICM Pike Creek, Montana 5930
PLCM Placer Basin, Montana 8830
PRPM Porcupine, Montana 6500
RKPM Rocker Peak, Montana 8000
ROCM Rocky Boy, Montana 4700
SDMM Saddle Mountain, Montana 7900
SFSM South Fork Shields, Montana 8100
SHCM Short Creek, Montana 7000
SHFM Shower Falls, Montana 8100
SILM Silver Run, Montana 6630
SPRM Spur Park, Montana 8100
TPEM Tepee Creek, Montana 8000
TIBM Tizer Basin, Montana 6880
WALM Waldron, Montana 5600
WHEI White Elephant, Idaho 7710
WHTM White Mill, Montana 8700
WSKM Whiskey Creek, Montana 6800
WODM Wood Creek, Montana 5960
WRRW Warren Peak, Wyoming  
WYSM West Yellowstone, Montana 6700
Wyoming Area Office Snotel Stations
Code Name/Location Elevation
BLDY Bald Mountain, Wyoming 9380
BROKLNWY Brooklyn Lake, Wyoming  
BLTW Beartooth Lake, Wyoming 9275
BTNW Bear Trap Meadow, Wyoming 8200
BLWY Blackwater, Wyoming 9780
BSDY Bone Springs Divide, Wyoming 9350
BRJW Burgess Junction, Wyoming 7880
BRCW Burroughs Creek, Wyoming 8750
CANW Canyon, Wyoming 8090
CASPERWY Casper Mountain, Wyoming  
COLMBNCO Columbine, Colorado 9400
COSW Cold Springs, Wyoming 9630
CPKW Cloud Peak Reservoir, Wyoming 9860
DEDMNHCO Dead Man Hill, Colorado 10220
DMLW Dome Lake, Wyoming 8880
DPKW Deer Park, Wyoming 9700
DVDY Divide Peak, Wyoming  
EKPW Elkhart Pass G.S., Wyoming 9400
ELKC Elk River, Colorado 8700
EVNY Evening Star, Wyoming 9200
GRSW Grave Springs, Wyoming 8550
GRVW Gros Ventre Summit, Wyoming 8775
HNSW Hansen Sawmill, Wyoming 8360
HBBY Hobbs Park, Wyoming 10100
IRHW Note Irish Rock, Wyoming 9600
JWRC Joe Wright, Colorado 10120
KRWW Kerwin, Wyoming 9550
LELC Lake Eldora, Colorado 9700
LPPY Laprele Creek, Wyoming  
LSTW Lost Creek, Wyoming 8080
LTWY Little Warm, Wyoming 9620
LUSKWY Note Lusk, Wyoming  
MDDW Middle Powder, Wyoming 7760
MIDWSTWY Note Midwest, Wyoming  
MRQY Marquette, Wyoming 8760
NFCY North French Creek, Wyoming  
NIWC Niwot, Colorado 9910
NWDW Note Nowood, Wyoming 8600
OLDBATCO Old Battle Creek, Colorado  
OLWW Owl Creek, Wyoming 8975
PRKW Parker Peak, Wyoming 9400
PWDW Powder River Pass, Wyoming 9480
RNHW Reno Hill, Wyoming 8500
ROAC Roach, Colorado 9700
SBCW South Brush Creek, Wyoming 8440
SCBW Sage Creek Basin, Wyoming 7580
SCRY Shell Creek, Wyoming 9580
SLAW St. Lawrence Alt, Wyoming 8620
SLWY Note St. Lawrence, Wyoming 8960
SNLW Sand Lake, Wyoming 10080
SOPASSWY South Pass City, Wyoming 9040
SUCY Sucker Creek, Wyoming 8880
SYLY Sylvan Lake, Wyoming 7100
SYRW Sylvan Road, Wyoming 7120
TCWY Timber Creek, Wyoming 7950
THMW Thumb Divide, Wyoming 7980
TOGY Togwotee Pass, Wyoming 9580
TOPW Two Ocean Plateau, Wyoming 9240
TOWC Tower, Colorado 10500
TWNW Townsend Creek, Wyoming 8700
WBSY Webber Springs, Wyoming 11000
WLLC Willow Creek Pass, Colorado  
WLVW Wolverine, Wyoming 7650
WNDY Windy Peak, Wyoming  
YOUY Younts Peak, Wyoming 8350

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