Bureau of Reclamation Hydromet Sites in South Dakota

Data as of 06/08/2017
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AGR - Angostura Reservoir, Cheyenne River near Hot Springs, SD   Location Map
BFCE - Belle Fourche Inlet Canal East, South Dakota   Location Map
BFR - Belle Fourche Reservoir, Belle Fourche River nr Rapid City, SD   Location Map
BFWY - Belle Fourche River at WY-SD State, SD   Location Map
CRED - Cheyenne River near Edgemont, SD   Location Map
DFR - Deerfield Reservoir, Castle Creek near Rapid City, SD   Location Map
PTR - Pactola Reservoir, Rapid Creek near Rapid City, SD   Location Map
SHR - Shadehill Reservoir, Grand River near Lemmon, SD   Location Map

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