Bureau of Reclamation Hydromet Sites

Data as of 06/08/2017
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ADATUNCO - Adams Tunnel, CO   Location Map
ADAWPLCO - Adams Tunnel, West Portal, CO *GLARESCO*   Location Map
ADNE - Akers Draw into Tri-State Canal, NE   Location Map
AGR - Angostura Reservoir, Cheyenne River near Hot Springs, SD   Location Map
AINE - Lake Alice Reservoir Inflow, NE   Location Map
ALCR - Alcova Reservoir, WY   Location Map
ALFVALMT - Alfalfa Valley Canal Diversion, MT   Location Map
ALTUS - Altus Dam, North Fork Red River, OK   Location Map
ANAD - Washita River near Anadarko, OK   Location Map
ANCR - Anchor Reservoir, South Fork Owl Creek, WY   Location Map
APSC - Apishapa, CO - Elevation 10000   Location Map
ARAC - Arapahoe Ridge, CO - Upper North Platte - Elevation 10960   Location Map
ARBUCK - Arbuckle Reservoir, OK   Location Map
ARGY - Aragon Ditch, WY   Location Map
ARKAVOCO - Arkansas River near Avondale, CO   Location Map
ARKCANCO - Arkansas River at Canyon City, CO   Location Map
ARKGRNCO - Arkansas River at Grainite, CO   Location Map
ARKNATCO - Arkansas River near Nathrop, CO   Location Map
ARKNEPCO - Arkansas River near Nepesta, CO   Location Map
ARKPORCO - Arkansas River above Pueblo Reservoir, CO   Location Map
ARKPUECO - Arkansas River below Pueblo Reservoir, CO   Location Map
ARKSALCO - Arkansas River above Salida, CO   Location Map
ARKWELCO - Arkansas River near Wellsville, CO   Location Map
ARMT - Atascosa River near McCoy, TX   Location Map
ARNE - Lake Alice Reservoir Elevation, NE   Location Map
ARROWCO - Arrow, CO - Elevation 9680   Location Map
ARWT - Atascosa River at Whitsett, TX   Location Map
ASNC - Independence Pass, CO - Elevation 10600   Location Map
BABM - St. Mary River near Babb, MT   Location Map
BACK - Battle Creek near Chinook, MT   Location Map
BADM - Badger Pass, MT - Marias - Elevation 6900   Location Map
BANE - Bartley Diversion, NE   Location Map
BAWNE - Bartley Canal Wasteway, NE   Location Map
BBNE - Box Butte Dam, NE   Location Map
BBR - Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Shoshone River near Cody, WY *CODYWY*   Location Map
BBRSFD - Buffalo Bill South Fork Dike, WY   Location Map
BBTM - Boulder River at Big Timber, MT   Location Map
BBWS - Buffalo Bill Weather Station, WY   Location Map
BBWY - Bighorn River at Basin, WY   Location Map
BCCM - Big Coulee below Beale Canal, MT   Location Map
BCHM - Beaver Creek Near Hinsdale, MT   Location Map
BCIB - Battle Creek at International Boundary   Location Map
BCLM - Big Coulee Lower, MT   Location Map
BCWY - Bluff Canal, WY   Location Map
BDCM - Badger Creek Below Four Horns Canal, near Browning, MT   Location Map
BDNE - Bartley Canal Diversion Dam, NE   Location Map
BEAM - Beagle Springs, MT - Beaverhead - Elevation 8850   Location Map
BERTHSPC - Berthoud Summit, CO - Elevation 11300   Location Map
BEVM - Beaver Creek, MT - Madison - Elevation 7850   Location Map
BFAM - Blackfeet Agrimet Station near Seville Colony, MT   Location Map
BFCE - Belle Fourche Inlet Canal East, South Dakota   Location Map
BFR - Belle Fourche Reservoir, Belle Fourche River nr Rapid City, SD   Location Map
BFTM - Big Flat near Turner, Montana, Weather Station   Location Map
BFWY - Belle Fourche River at WY-SD State, SD   Location Map
BGSW - Big Goose, WY - Powder/Tongue - Elevation 7760   Location Map
BHDM - Big Hole River at Maiden Rock, near Divide, MT *BRDM*   Location Map
BHGM - Big Hole River near Glen, MT   Location Map
BHMT - Bighorn River above Tullock Creek near Bighorn, MT   Location Map
BHMW - Blackhall Mountain, WY - Upper North Platte - Elevation 9820   Location Map
BHR - Bighorn Lake (Yellowtail), Bighorn River near Fort Smith, MT *SCADABH* *SCADABHT*   Location Map
BHRW - Bighorn River near Worland, WY   Location Map
BHSX - Bighorn River near St. Xavier, MT   Location Map
BHWM - Big Hole River below Mudd Creek, near Wisdom, MT   Location Map
BHWY - Big Horn Canal, WY   Location Map
BIGSAOWY - Big Sandy Opening, WY - Green - Elevation 9100   Location Map
BIL - Yellowstone River near Billings, MT   Location Map
BLAY - Bull Lake Creek above Bull Lake Reservoir, WY   Location Map
BLBM - Black Bear, MT - Madison - Elevation 7950   Location Map
BLCK - Bull Lake Creek below Bull Lake Reservoir near Lenore, WY   Location Map
BLDM - Boulder River near Boulder, MT   Location Map
BLDY - Bald Mountain, WY - Shell - 9380   Location Map
BLKC - Bear Lake, CO - Elevation 9500   Location Map
BLOM - Bloody Dick, MT - Beaverhead - Elevation 7550   Location Map
BLR - Bull Lake Reservoir near Lenore, WY   Location Map
BLTW - Beartooth Lake, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 9275   Location Map
BLUDILCO - Blue River Below Dillon, CO   Location Map
BLUGRECO - Blue River below Green Mt. Reservoir, CO   Location Map
BLWY - Blackwater, WY - Shoshone - Elevation 9780   Location Map
BOCM - Broken-O Canal, Montana *BOMT*   Location Map
BOMM - Boulder Mountain, MT - Smith - Elevation 7950   Location Map
BONC - Bonny Lake, CO   Location Map
BOUTUNCO - Charles H. Boustead Tunnel, CO   Location Map
BOXM - Box Canyon, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 6700   Location Map
BOYR - Boysen Reservoir, Wind River near Thermopolis, WY   Location Map
BOYW - Boysen Weather Station nr Thermopolis, WY   Location Map
BOZM - Bozeman Montana Weather Station 6W   Location Map
BRCM - Brackett Creek, MT - Gallatin - Elevation 7320   Location Map
BRCW - Burroughs Creek, WY - Wind - Elevation 8750   Location Map
BRGM - Buffalo Rapids Weather Station near Glendive, MT   Location Map
BRJW - Burgess Junction, WY - Powder - Elevation 7880   Location Map
BRMC - Brumley, CO - Elevation 10600   Location Map
BROKLNWY - Brooklyn Lake, WY   Location Map
BRTB - Beaverhead River at Twin Bridges, MT   Location Map
BRTM - Buffalo Rapids Weather Station near Terry, MT   Location Map
BSCK - Big Sandy Creek near Havre, MT   Location Map
BSDY - Bone Springs Divide, WY - Shell - Elevation 9350   Location Map
BTABCMCO - Big Thompson River above Cedar Cove, CO   Location Map
BTABESCO - Big Thompson River above Lake Estes, CO   Location Map
BTBLESCO - Big Thompson River below Lake Estes, CO   Location Map
BTNFDRCO - Big Thompson River at Drake, CO   Location Map
BTNW - Bear Trap Meadow, WY - Powder - Elevation 8200   Location Map
BTPPMCCO - Power Plant at Big Thompson River Canyon Mouth, CO   Location Map
BUSTUNCO - Busk - Ivanhoe Tunnel, CO   Location Map
BVB - Beaverhead River at Barretts, MT   Location Map
BVTB - Beaverhead River near Twin Bridges, MT   Location Map
BWNE - Blackwood Wasteway, NE (includes CXNE) *CXNE*   Location Map
CAAWNE - Cambridge Canal, Wasteway, Alma, NE   Location Map
CANE - Calamus Dam, NE   Location Map
CANW - Canyon, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 8090   Location Map
CAOXNE - Cambridge Canal at Oxford, NE   Location Map
CARCONCO - Carter Conduit Flow Meter, CO   Location Map
CARDIVCO - Carter Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
CARE - North Fork Red River at Carter, OK   Location Map
CARTERCO - Carter Lake Reservoir near Loveland, CO   Location Map
CASM - Missouri River Bridge near Cascade, MT   Location Map
CASPERWY - Casper Mountain, WY   Location Map
CAWNE - Cambridge Canal, Wasteway, NE   Location Map
CAWY - Casper Canal, WY   Location Map
CBCM - Cut Bank Creek at Cut Bank, MT   Location Map
CBKS - Cedar Bluff Dam, KS   Location Map
CCDT - Choke Canyon Dam, TX   Location Map
CCFRNE - Center Creek at Franklin, NE   Location Map
CCKS - Cawker City Dike, KS   Location Map
CCNE - Courtland Canal, Mile 0.7, NE   Location Map
CCR - Clark Canyon Reservoir, Beaverhead River near Dillon, MT   Location Map
CCRW - Castle Creek, WY - Wind - Elevation 8400   Location Map
CCWY - Cherry Creek Drain, WY   Location Map
CDNE - Cambridge Diversion, NE   Location Map
CEGM - St. Mary Canal at Emmigrant Gap, near Babb, MT   Location Map
CFBM - Clarks Fork Yellowstone River near Belfry, MT   Location Map
CFR - Canyon Ferry Lake, Missouri River near Helena, MT *CFRSAT* *SCADACF* *SCADACFT*   Location Map
CHENEY - Cheney Dam, KS   Location Map
CHPDIVCO - Chapman Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
CINW - Cinnabar Park, WY - Laramie - 9574   Location Map
CLAFORCO - Cacha La Poudre River nr Fort Collins, CO   Location Map
CLAFTCCO - Cache La Poudre River at Canyon Mouth, CO   Location Map
CLCK - Clear Creek near Chinook, MT   Location Map
CLCM - Cole Creek, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 7850   Location Map
CLMT - Missouri River near Culbertson, MT   Location Map
CLVM - Calvert Creek, MT - Big Hole - Elevation 6430   Location Map
CMDM - Clover Meadow, MT - Ruby - Elevation 8800   Location Map
CMO - Lake Como Reservoir near Darby, MT   Location Map
COBB - Fort Cobb Reservoir, OK   Location Map
COBC - Cobb Creek near Oakly, OK   Location Map
COLCAMCO - Colorado River near Cameo, CO   Location Map
COLDITCO - Columbine Ditch, CO   Location Map
COLGBYCO - Colorado River below Granby Reservoir, CO   Location Map
COLGLECO - Colorado River below Glenwood Springs, CO   Location Map
COLMBNCO - Columbine, CO - Elevation 9400   Location Map
COLNGBCO - Colorado River near Granby Reservoir, CO   Location Map
COLPALCO - Colorado River near Palisade, CO   Location Map
COLUTACO - Colorado River near Colorado-Utah state line (CCUC)   Location Map
COMT - Conrad Montana Weather Station   Location Map
CONE - Courtland Canal at State Line, NE   Location Map
COPLNDCO - Copeland Lake, CO - Elevation 8600   Location Map
COSW - Cold Springs, WY - Wind - Elevation 9630   Location Map
CPCM - Copper Camp, MT   Location Map
CPKW - Cloud Peak Reservoir, MT - Powder - Elevation 9850   Location Map
CPMC - Copper Mountain, CO - Elevation 10500   Location Map
CRBT - Canadian River near Amarillo (HWY 87 and 287), TX   Location Map
CRED - Cheyenne River near Edgemont, SD   Location Map
CROW - Crow Creek, WY - Laramie - Elevation 8330   Location Map
CRRM - Carrot Basin, MT - Gallatin - Elevation 7000   Location Map
CRYM - Crystal Lake, MT   Location Map
CUNE - Culbertson Canal, Mile 0.53, NE   Location Map
DANE - Davis Creek Dam, NE   Location Map
DCABNE - Mirdan Canal Inlet to Davis Creek Dam, NE   Location Map
DCBY - Dinwoody Creek abv Lakes, near Burris, WY   Location Map
DCCY - Dry Creek Canal, near Burris, WY   Location Map
DDMM - Deadman Creek, MT - Smith - Elevation 6450   Location Map
DEDMNHCO - Deadman Hill, CO - Elevation 10200   Location Map
DFR - Deerfield Reservoir, Castle Creek near Rapid City, SD   Location Map
DFRT - Dry Frio River nr Reagan Wells, TX   Location Map
DHLM - Darkhorse Lake, MT   Location Map
DILLONCO - Dillon, CO   Location Map
DILTUNCO - Dillie Tunnel at Thompson River near Drake, CO   Location Map
DIVM - Divide, MT - Ruby - Elevation 7800   Location Map
DLNM - Dillon Montana Weather Station   Location Map
DMLW - Dome Lake, WY - Powder - Elevation 8880   Location Map
DODM - Dodson Diversion Dam, MT   Location Map
DPCM - Dodson Pumps Canal, MT   Location Map
DPKW - Deer Park, WY - Sweetwater - Elevation 9700   Location Map
DPYM - Dupuyer Creek, MT - Missouri - Elevation 5750   Location Map
DRMT - Dearborn River near Craig, MT   Location Map
DSCM - Dodson South Canal, MT   Location Map
DSNE - Dry Spotted Tail Diversion into Tri-State Canal, NE   Location Map
DUKT - Dove Creek at Knickerbocker, TX   Location Map
DUNE - Dunlap Diversion, NE   Location Map
DVDY - Divide Peak, WY   Location Map
EAPR - E. A. Patterson Lake, Heart River near Dickinson, ND   Location Map
ECAMNE - Elm Creek at Amboy, NE   Location Map
EDEN - Smith River near Eden, MT   Location Map
EDNE - Enders Dam, NE   Location Map
EKPW - Elkhart Pass G.S., WY - Green - Elevation 9400   Location Map
ELKC - Elk River, CO - Elevation 8700   Location Map
EMCM - Emery Creek, MT - Flathead - Elevation 4350   Location Map
EVNY - Evening Star, WY - Clark's Fork - Elevation 9200   Location Map
EWIDITCO - Ewing Ditch, CO   Location Map
FBCM - Fort Belknap BIA Canal, MT   Location Map
FCABNE - Frenchman Creek above Enders Reservoir, NE   Location Map
FCNE - Ft. Laramie Canal at Milepost 85.3, NE   Location Map
FCWDCNE - Franklin Canal Wasteway at Dry Creek, NE   Location Map
FCWICNE - Franklin Canal Wasteway at Indian Creek, NE   Location Map
FCWY - Ft. Laramie Canal at Milepost 0.8, WY   Location Map
FLARESCO - Flatiron Reservoir, Loveland, CO   Location Map
FLWY - Laramie River near Fort Laramie, WY   Location Map
FMSY - Fivemile Creek near Shoshoni, WY   Location Map
FOSS - Foss Dam, OK   Location Map
FOUPINCO - Fountain Creek near Pinon, CO   Location Map
FOUPUECO - Fountain Creek at Pueblo, CO   Location Map
FPNE - Franklin Pump Canal, NE   Location Map
FRAWINCO - Fraser River abv Windy Gap nr Granby, CO   Location Map
FRCT - Frio River at Concan, TX   Location Map
FRDT - Frio River Near Derby, TX   Location Map
FREMNTCO - Fremont Pass, CO - Elevation 11400   Location Map
FRHM - Frohner Meadow, MT - Missouri - Elevation 6480   Location Map
FRNE - Franklin Canal, NE   Location Map
FRR - Fresno Reservoir, Milk River near Havre, MT   Location Map
FRTT - Frio River at Tilden, TX   Location Map
FRUT - Frio River Below Dry Frio River near Uvalde, TX   Location Map
FRYDIVCO - Fryingpan River Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
FRYMERCO - Fryingpan River near Meredith, CO   Location Map
FRYNFNCO - North Fork Fryingpan River near Norrie, CO   Location Map
FRYRUDCO - Fryingpan River near Ruedi, Eagle County, CO   Location Map
FRYTHOCO - Fryingpan River at Thomasville, CO   Location Map
FSDM - Fort Shaw Diversion Dam near Simms, MT   Location Map
FSHM - Fisher Creek, MT - Yellowstone - Elevation 9100   Location Map
FTBELKMT - Ft. Belknap Canal Main Diversion, MT   Location Map
FTMM - Flattop MTN, MT - Flathead - Elevation 6300   Location Map
FUNE - Fullerton Canal below Davis Creek Dam, NE   Location Map
GDMM - Gibson Dam, MT   Location Map
GDSNE - Guide Rock Diversion Dam, South Channel, NE   Location Map
GDWY - Gray Reef Dam, WY   Location Map
GFMT - Greenfields Weather Station nr Fairfield, MT 8NE   Location Map
GFNE - Gering Canal at Parshall Flume, NE   Location Map
GGWY - N. Platte River below Gray Reef Reservoir, WY   Location Map
GHCM - Grasshopper Creek at Bannack State Park, MT   Location Map
GHICANCO - Government Highline Canal, Grand Junction, CO   Location Map
GIBR - Gibson Reservoir, Sun River near Great Falls, MT   Location Map
GIDM - Greenfields Weather Station West Side, MT   Location Map
GLASGOMT - Glasgow Irr. District Canal near Vandalia, MT   Location Map
GLER - Glendo Reservoir, WY   Location Map
GLGM - Glasgow Montana Weather Station   Location Map
GLWY - N. Platte River below Glendo Dam, WY   Location Map
GOWY - N. Platte River below Guernsey Dam, WY   Location Map
GRAR - Gray Reef Reservoir, WY   Location Map
GRARESCO - Lake Granby near Granby, CO (see GRANBYR)   Location Map
GRDVALCO - Grand Valley Irrigation Canal, Grand Junction, CO   Location Map
GREELCCO - Elliot Creek Canal near Green Mountain Reservoir, CO   Location Map
GRERESCO - Green Mountain Reservoir, Summit County, CO (see GMTR)   Location Map
GRGM - Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway, MT   Location Map
GRIZLYCO - Grizzly Peak, CO - Elevation 11100   Location Map
GRMY - Greybull River at Meeteetse, WY   Location Map
GRNDIVCO - Granite Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
GRSW - Grave Springs, WY - Snake - Elevation 8550   Location Map
GRVW - Gros Ventre Summit, WY - Snake - Elevation 8775   Location Map
GRWY - North Platte River near Glenrock, WY   Location Map
GUER - Guernsey Reservoir, WY   Location Map
GUWY - Guernsey Reservoir, WY *GWWY*   Location Map
HALDIVCO - Halfmoon Diversion, CO   Location Map
HANE - Highline Canal above Minatare Diversion, NE   Location Map
HAUM - Missouri River Below Hauser Dam, MT   Location Map
HBBY - Hobbs Park, WY - Popo Agie - Elevation 10100   Location Map
HBNE - Hugh Butler Lake (Red Willow Dam), NE   Location Map
HCHT - Hondo Creek at State Highway 173 near Hondo, TX   Location Map
HCNE - Harlan County Dam, NE   Location Map
HCTT - Hondo Creek near Tarpley, TX   Location Map
HDCO - Hale Ditch below Bonny Dam, CO   Location Map
HDHM - Huntley Diversion near Huntley, MT   Location Map
HDNE - Highline Canal, NE   Location Map
HEBR - Hebgen Lake, Madison River near West Yellowstone, MT   Location Map
HEWY - North Platte River at WY-NE State Line, WY   Location Map
HFC930CO - Charles Hansen Feeder Canal, 930 Section, CO   Location Map
HFCBBSCO - Hansen Feeder Canal Flow North, Loveland, CO   Location Map
HFCFLTCO - Hansen Feeder Canal at Flatiron Reservoir, CO   Location Map
HFCWASCO - Charles Hansen Feeder Canal Wasteway to Big Thompson, CO   Location Map
HGH - Hungry Horse Reservoir near Hungry Horse, MT   Location Map
HGHM - So. Fork Flathead Riv nr Columbia Falls at Hungry Horse, MT   Location Map
HHWY - Highland Hanover Canal, WY   Location Map
HMMC - Halfmoon Creek near Malta, CO   Location Map
HMNE - Lake Minatare Inflow-Highline, NE   Location Map
HNSW - Hansen Sawmill, WY - Powder - Elevation 88360   Location Map
HNTDIVCO - Hunter Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
HOLM - Missouri River Below Holter Dam, Near Wolf Creek, MT   Location Map
HOMTUNCO - Homestake Tunnel, CO   Location Map
HOSIERCO - Hoosier Pass, CO - Elevation 11400   Location Map
HRLM - Harlem Montana Weather Station   Location Map
HSNE - Harry Strunk Lake (Medicine Creek), NE   Location Map
HTOOTHR - Horsetooth Reservoir, CO (SCADA)   Location Map
HUNTASCO - Hunter Creek nr Aspen, CO   Location Map
HVMT - Helena Valley Montana Weather Station 4N   Location Map
HVR - Helena Valley Reservoir, near Helena, MT   Location Map
ICWY - Interstate Canal at Milepost 1.0, WY   Location Map
IHCO - Ivanhoe, CO   Location Map
ILLRANCO - Illinois River near Rand, CO   Location Map
IVNDIVCO - Ivanhoe Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
JAMR - Jamestown Reservoir, James River near Jamestown, ND   Location Map
JHNY - Johnstown Ditch at Headworks, near Kinnear, WY   Location Map
JMRCADCO - John Martin Reservoir at Caddoa, CO   Location Map
JRMT - Jefferson River near Twin Bridges, MT   Location Map
JVWM - Jefferson River Valley Weather Station Near Whitehall, MT   Location Map
JWRC - Joe Wright, CO - Elevation 10120   Location Map
KAWY - Bighorn River at Kane, WY   Location Map
KCWY - Kirby Canal, WY   Location Map
KDNE - Kent Diversion, NE   Location Map
KDWY - Katzer Drain, WY   Location Map
KEYR - Keyhole Reservoir, Belle Fourche River near Moorcroft, WY   Location Map
KLNC - Kiln, CO - Elevation 9600   Location Map
KORR - Kortes Reservoir, WY   Location Map
KOWY - N. Platte River below Kortes Reservoir, WY   Location Map
KRWW - Kirwin, WY - Bighorn - Elevation 9550   Location Map
KSKS - Keith Sebelius Lake (Norton Dam), KS   Location Map
KWKS - Kirwin Reservoir at Kirwin, KS   Location Map
LAKBTLCO - Lake Creek below Twin Lake, CO   Location Map
LANE - Little Lake Alice Reservoir El-Outflow, NE   Location Map
LBHM - Little Bighorn River near Hardin, MT   Location Map
LBSM - Little Bighorn River at Stateline Near Wyola, MT   Location Map
LCCY - LeClair Diversion Canal, WY   Location Map
LCKM - Lick Creek, MT - Gallatin - Elevation 6860   Location Map
LCKS - Lower Courtland Canal, Mile 38.0, KS   Location Map
LCKW - Larsen Creek, WY - Sweetwater - Elevation 9000   Location Map
LELC - Lake Eldora, CO - Elevation 9700   Location Map
LER - Lake Elwell (Tiber Reservoir) Spillway Transducer, near Chester, MT *LERM*   Location Map
LFCBSLCO - Lake Fork Creek, CO   Location Map
LFRM - Lake Frances Reservoir, MT   Location Map
LGMT - Gallatin River near Logan, MT   Location Map
LHDY - Lefthand Ditch at Headworks, Near Riverton, WY   Location Map
LHWY - Lower Hanover Canal, WY   Location Map
LIMR - Lima Reservoir, upstream of Clark Canyon Reservoir, MT   Location Map
LINGRRCO - Lincoln Creek below Grizzly Reservoir, CO   Location Map
LIRENECO - Lake Irene, CO - Elevation 10700   Location Map
LMHM - Lemhi Ridge, MT - Beaverhead - Elevation 8100   Location Map
LMMM - Lower Musselshell Weather Station near Melstone, MT   Location Map
LMNE - Lake Minatare Reservoir, NE   Location Map
LOMT - Powder River at Locate, MT   Location Map
LOVLNDCO - Loveland Basin, CO - Elevation 10800   Location Map
LPLY - Little Popo Agie River near Lander, WY   Location Map
LPPWCM - Little Prickly Pear Creek at Wolf Creek, MT   Location Map
LPPY - Laprele Creek, WY   Location Map
LPWY - Lucerne Pumps, WY   Location Map
LTR - Lake Tschida, Heart River near Elgin, ND   Location Map
LTWY - Little Warm, WY - Wind - Elevation 9620   Location Map
LVABKS - Lovewell above Kansas, NE   Location Map
LVKS - Lovewell Dam, KS   Location Map
LVRM - Lakeview Ridge, MT - Beaverhead - Elevation 7400   Location Map
LWRV - Little Wind River near Riverton, WY   Location Map
LWTM - Lower Twin, MT - Madison - Elevation 7900   Location Map
LWWY - So Fk Little Wind Rvr abv Washakie Reservoir nr Fort Washakie, WY   Location Map
MACM - Marias River at Hwy 223 Bridge near Chester, MT   Location Map
MAMT - Madison River near McAllister, MT   Location Map
MANM - Many Glacier, MT - St. Mary's - Elevation 4900   Location Map
MARDITCO - Marion Ditch near Leadville, CO   Location Map
MARI - Marias River near Chester, MT   Location Map
MARM - Marias River near Shelby, MT   Location Map
MARYSR - Marys Lake, CO   Location Map
MATM - Malta Montana Weather Station   Location Map
MBOW - Med Bow, WY - Elevation 10500   Location Map
MBWY - Medicine Bow River Above Seminoe Reservoir near Hanna, WY   Location Map
MCABNE - Medicine Creek above Harry Strunk Lake, NE   Location Map
MCARNE - Medicine Creek at Arapahoe, NE   Location Map
MCBLNE - Medicine Creek below Harry Strunk Lake, NE   Location Map
MCDH - McGee Creek Dam, OK   Location Map
MCNE - Mirdan Canal, Calamus Dam, NE   Location Map
MCPM - Muddy Creek near Power, MT   Location Map
MCUDIVCO - Middle Cunningham Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
MCVM - Muddy Creek at Vaughn, MT   Location Map
MCWH - McGee Creek Wildlife, OK   Location Map
MDDW - Middle Powder, WY - Powder - Elevation 7760   Location Map
MDNE - Meeker - Driftwood Canal, NE   Location Map
MDPM - Madison Plateau, MT - Madison - Elevation 7750   Location Map
MDWNE - Meeker - Driftwood Canal, Wasteway, NE   Location Map
MELM - Big Hole River Near Melrose, MT   Location Map
MFBM - Missouri River at Fort Benton, MT   Location Map
MFPM - Missouri River below Fort Peck Dam, MT   Location Map
MGFM - Missouri River near Great Falls, MT   Location Map
MGNE - Mitchell-Gering Canal, NE   Location Map
MHVM - Milk River at Havre, MT   Location Map
MIDDIVCO - Midway Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
MINE - Lake Minatare Reservoir Inflow, NE   Location Map
MLKACCT - Milk River Natural Flow Accounting   Location Map
MLS - Yellowstone River near Miles City, MT   Location Map
MLTO - Tongue River near Miles City, MT   Location Map
MNPM - Monument Peak, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 8850   Location Map
MONE - Lake Minatare Reservoir Outflow, NE   Location Map
MORDIVCO - Mormon Diversion/Bypass, CO *MORWEACO*   Location Map
MPWY - Middle Popo Agie River below Sinks near Lander, WY   Location Map
MRCM - Madison River at Kirby Ranch near Cameron, MT   Location Map
MRDM - Milk River at Dodson, MT   Location Map
MREC - Milk River at Eastern Crossing near International Boundary   Location Map
MRHM - Milk River near Harlem, MT   Location Map
MRLM - Marias River near Loma, MT   Location Map
MRMM - Milk River at Malta, MT   Location Map
MRMR - Milk River at Milk River Alberta   Location Map
MRNE - Merritt Dam, NE   Location Map
MRQY - Marquette, WY - Shoshone - Elevation 8760   Location Map
MRTM - Milk River at Tampico, MT   Location Map
MRWC - Milk River at Western Crossing near International Boundary   Location Map
MTELFBCO - Mount Elbert Forebay elevation nr Leadville, CO   Location Map
MTKM - Mount Lockhart, MT - Sun - Elevation 6400   Location Map
MUDKRECO - Muddy Creek blw Wolford Reservoir nr Kremmling, CO   Location Map
MULM - Mule Creek, MT   Location Map
MUTT - Middle Concho above Tankersley, TX   Location Map
MWSM - Mocassin Weather Station, MT   Location Map
MWYM - Madison River near West Yellowstone, MT   Location Map
NAMT - Milk River near Nashua, MT   Location Map
NASTY - Lake Nasworthy near San Angelo, TX   Location Map
NCOT - Nueces River at Cotulla, TX   Location Map
NCUDIVCO - North Cunningham Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
NELFDRMT - Nelson Feeder Canal, Malta Irr. District, east of Malta, MT   Location Map
NELR - Nelson Reservoir, offstream reservoir near Malta, MT   Location Map
NEVSNOCO - Never Summer, CO - Elevation 9540   Location Map
NFCY - North French Creek, WY   Location Map
NFKDIVCO - North Fork Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
NFMA - North Fork Milk River above Canal near Browning, MT   Location Map
NFMB - North Fork Milk River near International Boundary   Location Map
NFNE - Northport Canal at Parshall Flume, NE   Location Map
NFS - North Fork Shoshone River near Wapiti, WY   Location Map
NFSM - North Fork Sun River near Augusta, MT   Location Map
NGCL - North Platte River near Northgate, CO   Location Map
NIWC - Niwot, CO - Elevation 9910   Location Map
NLCO - Nast Lake, CO - Elevation 8700   Location Map
NOIM - Noisy Basin, MT   Location Map
NONDIVCO - No Name Creek Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
NORM - Northeast Entrance, MT - Yellowstone - Elevation 7350   Location Map
NORMAN - Norman Dam (Lake Thunderbird), OK   Location Map
NPCW - North Platte River at Casper, WY   Location Map
NPNE - Naponee Canal, NE   Location Map
NPOW - North Platte River at Orin, WY   Location Map
NRBT - Nueces River at Bluntzer, TX   Location Map
NRMT - Nueces River near Mathis, TX   Location Map
NRTT - Nueces River near Tilden, TX   Location Map
NSCM - Nelson South Canal, MT   Location Map
NTRT - Nueces River near Three Rivers, TX   Location Map
OCAW - Owl Creek at Arapahoe Ranch Bridge, WY   Location Map
OLDBATCO - Old Battle Creek, CO   Location Map
OLWW - Owl Creek, WY - Bighorn - Elevation 8975   Location Map
OLYDAMCO - Olympus Dam near Estes Park, CO   Location Map
OLYTUNCO - Olympus Tunnel, CO   Location Map
ORCHIDCO - Orchard Mesa Irrig District Canal, Gr Jnct, CO   Location Map
ORWY - North Platte River at Orin Jct., WY   Location Map
OSKS - Osborne Canal, KS   Location Map
PARDISMT - Paradise Valley Irr. District Canal, near Chinook, MT   Location Map
PATR - Pathfinder Reservoir, WY   Location Map
PAWY - North Platte River below Pathfinder Dam, WY   Location Map
PBR - Pilot Butte Reservoir, offstream, 22 miles northwest of Riverton, WY   Location Map
PCHM - Peoples Creek near Hays, MT   Location Map
PCKM - Pickfoot Creek, MT - Smith - Elevation 6650   Location Map
PCPB - Pilot canal below Pilot Butte, Reservoir, WY   Location Map
PHANTMCO - Phantom Valley, CO - Elevation 9030   Location Map
PICM - Pike Creek, MT - Marias - Elevation 5930   Location Map
PINRESCO - Pinewood Reservoir near Loveland, CO   Location Map
PIST - Pipestem Dam, Pipestem Creek near Jamestown, ND   Location Map
PLACAMCO - Plateau Creek near Cameo, CO   Location Map
PLCM - Placer Basin, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 8830   Location Map
POPHYRCO - Pophyry Creek, Arkansas   Location Map
PRKW - Parker Peak, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 9400   Location Map
PRPM - Porcupine, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 6500   Location Map
PSHR - Pishkun Reservoir near Augusta, MT   Location Map
PTR - Pactola Reservoir, Rapid Creek near Rapid City, SD   Location Map
PUER - Pueblo Reservoir, Arkansas River near Pueblo, CO   Location Map
PUERWXCO - Pueblo Field Office Weather Station near Pueblo, CO   Location Map
PURBTRCO - Purgatorie River below Trinidad Reservoir, CO.   Location Map
PURLASCO - Purgatorie River near Las Animas, CO   Location Map
PURMADCO - Purgatorie River at Madrid, CO   Location Map
PURNINCO - Purgatorie River at Ninemile Dam, near Higbee, CO   Location Map
PURTHACO - Purgatorie River near Thatcher, CO   Location Map
PURTRICO - Purgatorie River at Trinidad, CO   Location Map
PWDW - Powder River Pass, WY - Bighorn - Elevation 9480   Location Map
RAWSNOCO - Rawah, CO - Elevation 9600   Location Map
RBMT - Missouri River near Landusky, MT   Location Map
RBYM - Ruby River Valley Weather Station Near Laurin, MT   Location Map
RCSOK - Rock Creek near Sulphur, OK   Location Map
RCWY - Rawhide Creek near Lingle, WY   Location Map
RFCMERCO - Rocky Fork Creek nr Meredith, CO   Location Map
RIFRESCO - Rifle Gap Reservoir nr Rifle, CO   Location Map
RKPM - Rocker Peak, MT - Jefferson - Elevation 8000   Location Map
RNHW - Reno Hill, WY - Lower North Platte - Elevation 8500   Location Map
ROAASPCO - Roaring Fork River near Aspen, CO   Location Map
ROABMCCO - Roaring Fork River below Maroon Creek nr Aspen, CO   Location Map
ROAC - Roach, CO, - Elevation 9700   Location Map
ROADIFCO - Roaring Fork River abv Difficult Ck nr Aspen, CO   Location Map
ROAEMMCO - Roaring Fork River near Emma, CO   Location Map
ROAGLECO - Roaring Fork River at Glenwood Springs, CO   Location Map
ROALMCCO - Roaring Fork River above Lost Man Creek, CO   Location Map
ROBTUNCO - Denver Roberts Tunnel, CO   Location Map
ROCM - Rocky Boy, MT - Milk - Elevation 4700   Location Map
RPRVNE - Republican River near Riverton, NE   Location Map
RRAM - Ruby River above Reservoir near Alder, MT   Location Map
RRBM - Ruby River below Reservoir near Alder, MT   Location Map
RRCM - Red Rock Creek above Lakes near Lakeview, MT   Location Map
RUERESCO - Ruedi Reservoir nr Basalt, CO   Location Map
RUMT - Musselshell River at Roundup, MT   Location Map
RVCY - Riverton Valley Diversion Canal, WY   Location Map
RWABNE - Red Willow Creek above Hugh Butler Lake, NE   Location Map
SACO - Milk River near Saco, MT   Location Map
SANFORD - Sanford Dam (Lake Meredith), TX   Location Map
SAYR - North Fork Red River near Sayre, OK   Location Map
SBCW - South Brush Creek, WY - Upper North Platte - Elevation 8440   Location Map
SCBW - Sage Creek Basin, WY - Upper North Platte - Elevation 7850   Location Map
SCCO - Stillwater Creek, CO - Elevation 8720   Location Map
SCNE - Sheep Creek Diversion into Tristate Canal, NE   Location Map
SCRY - Shell Creek, WY - Shell - Elevation 9580   Location Map
SCWY - Shell Creek at Shell, Wyoming   Location Map
SDCM - Sun River Ditch Company, MT   Location Map
SDMM - Saddle Mountain, MT - Bitterroot - Elevation 7900   Location Map
SDWM - Sun River Ditch Company Wasteway into Muddy Creek, MT   Location Map
SEDT - Seco Creek at Rowe Ranch near D'Hanis, TX   Location Map
SEMR - Seminoe Reservoir, WY   Location Map
SEUT - Seco Creek at Miller Ranch near Utopia, TX   Location Map
SFKDIVCO - South Fork Diversion/Bypass, CO   Location Map
SFKSM - South Fork Sun River near Augusta, MT   Location Map
SFOC - South Fork Owl Creek, WY   Location Map
SFOY - South Fork Owl Creek above Anchor Reservoir, WY   Location Map
SFS - South Fork Shoshone River above Buffalo Bill Reservoir, WY   Location Map
SFSM - South Fork Shields, MT - Upper Yellowstone - Elevation 8100   Location Map
SFVY - South Fork Shoshone River near Valley, WY   Location Map
SHAM - North Fork Red River near Shamrock, TX   Location Map
SHARESCO - Shadow Mountain Reservoir, CO (see SHDMTR)   Location Map
SHCM - Short Creek, MT - Jefferson - Elevation 7000   Location Map
SHER - Lake Sherburne, Swift Current Creek near Babb, MT   Location Map
SHFM - Shower Falls, MT - Gallatin - Elevation 8100   Location Map
SHR - Shadehill Reservoir, Grand River near Lemmon, SD   Location Map
SIDM - Yellowstone River near Sidney, MT   Location Map
SIWY - North Platte River Above Seminoe Reservoir near Sinclair, WY   Location Map
SLAW - St. Lawrence Alt, WY - Wind - Elevation 8620   Location Map
SMGM - Swift Current Creek at Many Glacier, MT   Location Map
SMIM - St. Mary Canal at Intake, near Babb, MT   Location Map
SMLM - Smith River below Eagle Creek near Fort Logan, MT   Location Map
SMTT - San Miguel Near Tilden, TX   Location Map
SNLW - Sand Lake, WY - Lower North Platte - Elevation 10080   Location Map
SNST - Sabinal River near Sabinal, TX   Location Map
SNYD - Otter Creek near Snyder, OK   Location Map
SOPASSWY - South Pass, WY - Lower North Platte - Elevation 9040   Location Map
SPNE - Superior Canal, NE   Location Map
SPRM - Spur Park, MT - Smith - Elevation 8100   Location Map
SRAM - Stillwater River near Absarokee, MT   Location Map
SRBB - Shoshone River below Buffalo Bill Reservoir near Cody, WY   Location Map
SRBD - Sun River Below Diversion Dam near Augusta, MT   Location Map
SRBM - Sun River at Augusta Bridge, MT   Location Map
SRDM - Sun River Diversion Dam, MT   Location Map
SREM - Sun River below Elk Creek, MT   Location Map
SRLM - Shields River near Livingston, MT   Location Map
SRLY - Shoshone River near Lovell, WY   Location Map
SRSM - Sun River at Simms, MT   Location Map
SRST - Sabinal River at Sabinal, TX   Location Map
SRWY - Shoshone River at Willwood Dam, WY   Location Map
STMB - St. Mary River at International Boundary   Location Map
STMC - St. Mary Canal at St. Mary crossing near Babb, MT   Location Map
SUCT - South Concho at Christoval, TX   Location Map
SUCY - Sucker Creek, WY - Tongue - Elevation 8880   Location Map
SUKT - Sweetwater Creek near Kelton, TX   Location Map
SUMC - Summit Ranch, CO - Elevation 9400   Location Map
SUMM - Summit, MT Weather Station   Location Map
SUTT - Spring Creek at Tankersley, TX   Location Map
SVCPLACO - St. Vrain Creek, near Platteville, CO   Location Map
SVWM - Shields Valley Weather Station near Wilsall, MT   Location Map
SWNE - Stinking Water Creek at Palisade, NE   Location Map
SWTR - Swift Reservoir, Birch Creek, MT   Location Map
SWWY - Sweetwater River Above Alcova, WY   Location Map
SXBM - St. Xavier Bridge near Hardin, MT   Location Map
SYLY - Sylvan Lake, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 7100   Location Map
SYRW - Sylvan Road, WY - Bighorn - Elevation 7120   Location Map
TCEDNE - Turkey Creek at Edison, NE   Location Map
TCNPNE - Turkey Creek at Naponee, NE   Location Map
TCPM - Tank Coulee near Power, MT   Location Map
TCRVNE - Thompson Creek at Riverton, NE   Location Map
TCWY - Timber Creek, WY - Greybull - Elevation 7950   Location Map
TDNE - Tub Springs Diversion into Tri-State Canal, NE   Location Map
TETM - Teton River near Dutton, MT   Location Map
TFMT - Jefferson River near Three Forks, MT   Location Map
TFOM - Teton River below Freeze Out Reservoir, MT   Location Map
TFWY - Tie Down Flats Canal, WY   Location Map
THMW - Thumb Divide, WY - Snake - Elevation 7980   Location Map
TIBM - Tizer Basin, MT - Missouri - Elevation 6880   Location Map
TIEW - Tie Creek, WY - Powder/Tongue - Elevation 6870   Location Map
TLBM - Two Leggins Bridge near Hardin, MT   Location Map
TMRM - Two Medicine River below South Fork near Browning, MT   Location Map
TOGY - Togwotee Pass, WY - Wind - Elevation 9580   Location Map
TOMS - Tom Steed Reservoir (Mtn Park Dam), OK   Location Map
TOMT - Missouri River near Toston, MT   Location Map
TOPW - Two Ocean Plateau, WY - Snake - Elevation 9240   Location Map
TOSM - Toston Montana Weather Station 2WSW   Location Map
TOWC - Tower, CO - Elevation 10500   Location Map
TPEM - Tepee Creek, MT - Madison - Elevation 8000   Location Map
TRCM - Teton River below South Fork, near Choteau, MT   Location Map
TRDM - Tongue River at Tongue River Dam, near Decker, MT   Location Map
TRFM - Teton River Weather Station near Farmington, MT   Location Map
TRGT - Twin Buttes Reservoir Gatehouse, TX   Location Map
TRLM - Teton River at Loma, MT   Location Map
TRMT - Tongue River at State Line, near Decker, MT   Location Map
TRNE - Swanson Lake (Trenton Dam), NE   Location Map
TSNE - Tristate Dam, NE   Location Map
TURQ - Turquoise Lake (Sugarloaf Dam), CO   Location Map
TWIRESCO - Twin Lakes Reservoir, CO   Location Map
TWITUNCO - Twin Lakes Tunnel, CO   Location Map
TWNW - Townsend Creek, WY - Wind - Elevation 8700   Location Map
UBWY - Upper Bluff Canal, WY   Location Map
UHWY - Upper Hanover Canal, WY   Location Map
ULGE - Missouri River near Ulm, MT   Location Map
ULMT - Ulm Montana Weather Station   Location Map
UMHM - Upper Musselshell Weather Station near Harlowton, MT   Location Map
UNIVERCO - University Camp, CO - Elevation 10300   Location Map
UWAY - Upper Wind River, A Canal, at Headworks, WY   Location Map
VAMT - Sun River near Vaughn, MT   Location Map
VIMT - Missouri River near Virgelle, MT   Location Map
VLMT - Valier Montana Weather Station   Location Map
WAEH - Elk City, OK   Location Map
WAKS - Waconda Lake (Glen Elder Dam), KS   Location Map
WALM - Waldron, MT - Teton - Elevation 5600   Location Map
WALT - Lefors, TX   Location Map
WASCH - Washita River near Cheyenne, OK   Location Map
WBKS - Webster Reservoir near Stockton, KS   Location Map
WBSY - Webber Springs, WY   Location Map
WCFM - Willow Creek Feeder Canal, MT   Location Map
WCNE - Winters Creek Reservoir, NE   Location Map
WCR - Willow Creek Reservoir, Willow Creek near Augusta, MT   Location Map
WDWY - Winchester Ditch, WY   Location Map
WGWY - Weather Station Glendo Dam, WY   Location Map
WHTM - White Mill, MT - Yellowstone - Elevation 8700   Location Map
WHWY - North Platte River below Whalen Dam, near Guernsey, WY   Location Map
WILCANCO - Willow Creek Pump Canal, CO   Location Map
WILRESCO - Willow Creek Reservoir, CO (see WILCRKR)   Location Map
WILWCRCO - Willow Creek below Willow Creek Reservoir, CO   Location Map
WINBYPCO - Wind River bypass at East Postal near Estes Park, CO   Location Map
WINDESCO - Wind River nr Estes Park, CO   Location Map
WINPARCO - Winter Park, CO (Climate)   Location Map
WISM - Big Hole River below Big Lake Creek, at Wisdom, MT   Location Map
WLDBASCO - Wild Basin, CO   Location Map
WLLC - Willow Creek Summit, CO - Elevation 11000   Location Map
WLVW - Wolverine, WY - Yellowstone - Elevation 7650   Location Map
WMNE - Weather Station Minatare Dam, NE   Location Map
WNDY - Windy Peak, WY   Location Map
WODM - Wood Creek, MT - Sun - Elevation 5960   Location Map
WPMT - Missouri River near Wolf Point, MT   Location Map
WPWY - Weather Station Pathfinder Dam, WY   Location Map
WRBD - Wind River below Boysen Reservoir near Thermopolis, WY   Location Map
WRCH - Wind River near Crowheart, WY   Location Map
WRDY - Wind River Above Red Creek near Dubois, WY   Location Map
WREH - Erick, OK   Location Map
WRKY - Wind River near Kinnear, WY   Location Map
WRND - Wind River near Dubois, WY   Location Map
WRNE - Winters Creek Reservoir (Outflow), NE   Location Map
WRPC - Willow Park, CO - Elevation 10700   Location Map
WRRY - Wind River at Riverton, WY   Location Map
WRSH - Sweetwater, OK   Location Map
WRSY - Wind River above Boysen near Shoshoni, WY   Location Map
WRWD - Wind River below WYoming Diversion Dam, WY   Location Map
WRWT - Wheeler, TX   Location Map
WSKM - Whiskey Creek, MT - Madison - Elevation 6800   Location Map
WSNE - Wet Spotted Tail Diversion into Tri-State Canal, NE   Location Map
WSSM - White Sulphur Springs Weather Station, MT   Location Map
WSWY - Weather Station Seminoe Dam, WY   Location Map
WURDITCO - Wurtz near Tennessee Pass, CO   Location Map
WWWY - Weather Station Whalen Dam, WY   Location Map
WYCY - Wyoming Canal, 1/4 Mile below Diversion Dam, WY   Location Map
WYSM - West Yellowstone, MT - Madison - Elevation 6700   Location Map
YOUY - Younts Peak, WY - Shoshone - Elevation 8350   Location Map
YRCM - Yellowstone River at Corwin Springs, MT   Location Map
YRFM - Yellowstone River at Forsyth, MT   Location Map
YRGM - Yellowstone River near Glendive, MT   Location Map
YRLM - Yellowstone River near Livingston, MT   Location Map
ZIRC - Zirkel, CO - Upper North Platte - Elevation 9340   Location Map
ZURICHMT - Zurich Irr. District Canal near Zurich, MT   Location Map

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