Archive Station List for Wyoming

The location is in the left most column. The codes under each location are for the measured parameters.

Alphabetical listing of stations: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T W Y

Alcova Reservoir, Wyoming

Anchor Reservoir, South Fork Owl Creek, Wyoming

Aragon Ditch, Wyoming

Bald Mountain, Wyoming

Bear Trap Meadow, Wyoming

Beartooth Lake, Wyoming

Big Goose, Wyoming

Big Sandy Opening, Wyoming

Big Horn Canal, Wyoming

Bighorn River at Basin, Wyoming

Bighorn River at Kane, Wyoming

Bighorn River near Worland, Wyoming

Blackhall Mountain, Wyoming

Blackwater, Wyoming

Bluff Canal, Wyoming

Bone Springs Divide, Wyoming

Boysen Reservoir, Wind River near Thermopolis, Wyoming

Boysen Weather Station near Thermopolis, Wyoming

Brooklyn Lake, Wyoming

Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Shoshone River near Cody, Wyoming

Buffalo Bill South Fork Dike, Wyoming

Buffalo Bill Weather Station, Wyoming

Bull Lake Creek above Bull Lake Reservoir, Wyoming

Bull Lake Creek below Bull Lake Reservoir near Lenore, Wyoming

Bull Lake Reservoir near Lenore, Wyoming

Burgess Junction, Wyoming

Burroughs Creek, Wyoming

Canyon, Wyoming

Casper Canal, Wyoming

Casper Mountain, Wyoming

Castle Creek, Wyoming

Cherry Creek Drain, Wyoming

Cloud Peak Reservoir, Wyoming

Cinnabar Park, Wyoming

Cold Springs, Wyoming

Crow Creek, Wyoming

Deer Park, Wyoming

Dinwoody Creek above Lakes near Burris, Wyoming

Divide Peak, Wyoming

Dome Lake, Wyoming

Dry Creek Canal near Burris, Wyoming

Elkhart Pass G.S., Wyoming

Evening Star, Wyoming

Fivemile Creek near Shoshoni, Wyoming

Ft. Laramie Canal at Milepost 0.8, Wyoming

Glendo Reservoir, Wyoming

Grave Springs, Wyoming

Gray Reef Dam, Wyoming

Gray Reef Reservoir, Wyoming

Greybull River at Meeteetse, Wyoming

Gros Ventre Summit, Wyoming

Guernsey Reservoir, Wyoming

Guernsey Reservoir, Wyoming

Hansen Sawmill, Wyoming

Highland Hanover Canal, Wyoming

Hobbs Park, Wyoming

Interstate Canal at Milepost 1.0, Wyoming

Johnstown Ditch at Headworks near Kinnear, Wyoming

Katzer Drain, Wyoming

Keyhole Reservoir, Belle Fourche River near Moorcroft, Wyoming

Kirby Canal, Wyoming

Kirwin, Wyoming

Kortes Reservoir, Wyoming

Laprele Creek, Wyoming

Laramie River near Fort Laramie, Wyoming

Larsen Creek, Wyoming

LeClair Diversion Canal, Wyoming

Lefthand Ditch at Headworks near Riverton, Wyoming

Little Popo Agie River near Lander, Wyoming

Little Warm, Wyoming

Little Wind River near Riverton, Wyoming

Lower Hanover Canal, Wyoming

Lucerne Pumps, Wyoming

Med Bow, Wyoming

Middle Popo Agie River below Sinks near Lander, Wyoming

Marquette, Wyoming

Medicine Bow River above Seminoe Reservoir near Hanna, Wyoming

Middle Powder, Wyoming

North Platte River at Casper, Wyoming

North Platte River below Glendo Dam, Wyoming

North Platte River below Gray Reef Reservoir, Wyoming

North Platte River below Guernsey Dam, Wyoming

North Platte River below Kortes Reservoir, Wyoming

North Fork Shoshone River near Wapiti, Wyoming

North French Creek, Wyoming

North Platte River above Seminoe Reservoir near Sinclair, Wyoming

North Platte River at Orin Junction, Wyoming

North Platte River at Orin, Wyoming

North Platte River at Wyoming-Nebraska State Line, Wyoming

North Platte River below Pathfinder Dam, Wyoming

North Platte River below Whalen Dam near Guernsey, Wyoming

North Platte River near Glenrock, Wyoming

Owl Creek at Arapahoe Ranch Bridge, Wyoming

Owl Creek, Wyoming

Parker Peak, Wyoming

Pathfinder Reservoir, Wyoming

Pilot Butte Reservoir offstream reservoir near Thermopolis, Wyoming

Pilot Canal below Pilot Butte Reservoir, Wyoming

Powder River Pass, Wyoming

Rawhide Creek near Lingle, Wyoming

Reno Hill, Wyoming

Riverton Valley Diversion Canal, Wyoming

Sage Creek Basin, Wyoming

Sand Lake, Wyoming

Seminoe Reservoir, Wyoming

Shell Creek, Wyoming

Shell Creek at Shell, Wyoming

Shoshone River at Willwood Dam, Wyoming

Shoshone River below Buffalo Bill Reservoir near Cody, Wyoming

Shoshone River near Lovell, Wyoming

South Fork Little Wind River above Washakie Reservoir near Fort Washakie, Wyoming

South Brush Creek, Wyoming

South Fork Owl Creek above Anchor Reservoir, Wyoming

South Fork Owl Creek, Wyoming

South Fork Shoshone River above Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Wyoming

South Fork Shoshone River near Valley, Wyoming

South Pass, Wyoming

St. Lawrence Alt, Wyoming

Sucker Creek, Wyoming

Sweetwater River above Alcova, Wyoming

Sylvan Lake, Wyoming

Sylvan Road, Wyoming

Thumb Divide, Wyoming

Tie Creek, Wyoming

Tie Down Flats Canal, Wyoming

Timber Creek, Wyoming

Togwotee Pass, Wyoming

Townsend Creek, Wyoming

Two Ocean Plateau, Wyoming

Upper Bluff Canal, Wyoming

Upper Hanover Canal, Wyoming

Upper Wind River, A Canal, at Headworks, Wyoming

Weather Station Glendo Dam, Wyoming

Weather Station Guernsey Dam, Wyoming

Weather Station Pathfinder Dam, Wyoming

Weather Station Seminoe Dam, Wyoming

Weather Station Whalen Dam, Wyoming

Webber Springs, Wyoming

Winchester Ditch, Wyoming

Wind River above Boysen near Shoshoni, Wyoming

Wind River Above Red Creek near Dubois, Wyoming

Wind River at Riverton, Wyoming

Wind River below Boysen Reservoir near Thermopolis, Wyoming

Wind River below Wyoming Diversion Dam, Wyoming

Wind River near Crowheart, Wyoming

Wind River near Dubois, Wyoming

Wind River near Kinnear, Wyoming

Windy Peak, Wyoming

Wolverine, Wyoming

Wyoming Canal at Diversion Dam

Younts Peak, Wyoming

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