• A stator in the third powerhouse at Grand Coulee.
  • The penstocks above the water at Hoover Dam
  • The top of Shasta Dam in California
  • An automated gate structure on a canal in Washington.
  • An aerial photo of the sunsetting at Ruedi Reservoir in Colorado.


A photo of Lauren LambertPosition: SCEP, Public Affairs Student Trainee
School: Undergraduate: Frostburg State University; Graduate: University of Maryland
Major: Undergraduate: Mass Communications; Graduate: Master of Business Administration
Hometown: Bowie, Maryland

I started out as a STEP student my senior year in high school under the Office of the Secretary in 2006.  I worked for the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance (OEPC).  Throughout my four years of undergraduate studies, I would return to work for OEPC doing my summer and winter breaks. Upon graduation in spring 2010, my Human Resource Specialist suggested that I switch to the SCEP program because of the opportunities it offered.  After doing some research of my own, I decided to become a Program Analyst Student Trainee for OEPC.  I then heard about another SCEP opportunity in the Bureau of Reclamation’s (BOR) Public Affairs office. I knew that would be a great fit for me because I studied Mass Communication in undergrad.  I immediately applied for the position and a month later became a Public Affairs Student Trainee. 


Among the many great experiences at BOR, one experience thus far that is most memorable was my very first interview.  It was my second day on the job and I was asked to interview the Valor Award Recipient, Mr. Thomas J. Montoya.  Mr. Montoya had done something so heroic as to save a young girl from getting bit by a pitbull. While I was interviewing him, my hands were shaking and my heart was racing.  I was very nervous.  I really appreciated that the other Public Affairs Specialists trusted me with such an important interview.  Later on, I was told I held a very professional interview.  I will never forget my first interview with BOR as a student trainee. 


So far, I have had the opportunity to apply my undergraduate education in Mass Communication to real work situations with BOR’s Public Affairs office.  I have contributed to event planning, the reinstatement of the BOR newsletter, construction of the weekly reports, becoming the BOR’s editor for YouthGo, working on different articles and stories and creating podcasts for our website.  I have also learned a great deal about how to operate and manage many database systems. 


I plan to continue on with the goal and mission of the Bureau of Reclamation as a Public Affairs Student Trainee with hopes that after I receive my MBA, I will be hired full time as a Public Affairs Specialist.

Updated: October 19, 2012