• A stator in the third powerhouse at Grand Coulee.
  • The penstocks above the water at Hoover Dam
  • The top of Shasta Dam in California
  • An automated gate structure on a canal in Washington.
  • An aerial photo of the sunsetting at Ruedi Reservoir in Colorado.


Reclamation employees educate elementary school students in foothills of California.Earlier this month, Reclamation's Jake Berens and Natalie Wolder participated in planting the seeds of knowledge in our younger generation by educating the minds of a fourth grade Murdock Elementary class.

The class took a field trip to their annual Pathways to Nature Field Day. The Vogt Family Three Creek Ranch in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California was the backdrop of their exploration. The field trip served as an educational one-stop shop for learning everything from the environmental functions of flowers, trees and plants to understanding wild life habitats and the water levels they live in.

The day was filled with activities backed by science. Groups were formed, paper, pencil and calculators in hand ready to get every calculation correct. They used tennis balls and stopwatches to measure water flow and used their multiplication and division skills to correctly determine the speed and volume of the creek.

As they fact checked their surroundings with an assortment of tools, Mother Nature confirmed every answer and their equations told them why. They also built a temporary 10-inch-deep dam out of mud and rocks. They made sure the area and perimeter were stable enough to sustain the volume of water their miniature dam created. The idea was to duplicate water flow and see what a man made dam must endure and how its structural integrity must be sound. They concluded their day with a BBQ and enjoyed a variety of local produce from the Lundberg Family Farm.

Released: April 21, 2012