Cooperative Watershed Management Program

Through the Cooperative Watershed Management Program (CWMP), Reclamation provides financial assistance to locally led watershed groups to encourage diverse stakeholders to form local solutions to water management needs. By providing this funding, Reclamation aims to promote the sustainable use of water resources and improve the condition of rivers and streams through water conservation, improved water quality and ecological resilience, and reduced conflicts over water through collaborative conservation efforts.

Through the CWMP, Reclamation currently provides funding for Phase I projects to establish or further develop a watershed group. Eligible applicants include States, Tribes, local governments, non-profit organizations, and other entities capable of supporting the sustainable use of water resources within the watershed. For Phase I projects Reclamation may award up to $100,000 over a two-year period and no non-Federal cost-share is required.

Reclamation plans to begin funding Phase II watershed management projects in 2017. Reclamation is in the process of developing program requirements and evaluation criteria for evaluating CWMP Phase II projects. Phase II criteria will be available for public comment in the summer of 2016.


Last Updated: 10/21/16