WaterSMART Basin Studies Program

Basin Studies are collaborative studies, cost-shared with non-Federal partners, to evaluate the impacts of climate change and help ensure sustainable water supplies by identifying strategies to address imbalances in water supply and demand. Each study includes four key segments:

  • State-of-the-art projections of future supply and demand by river basin, including the impacts of climate change.
  • An analysis of how the basin’s existing water and power operations and infrastructure will perform in the face of changing water realities.
  • Development of adaptation and mitigation strategies to meet current and future water demands.
  • A trade-off analysis of the adaptation and mitigation strategies identified.


Current Status

Reclamation Announces 2016 WaterSMART Basin Study Projects
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Proposed Calendar

April 4, 2016
Letters of Interest due

News Releases

September 7, 2016
Bureau of Reclamation Launches American River Basin Study in Northern California

March 16, 2016
Republican River Basin Study Informs Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska about Future Water Management

March 15, 2016
Bureau of Reclamation’s Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers Basin Study Predicts How Climate Change Will Impact the Sacramento and San Joaquin Delta

March 15, 2016
Reclamation Initiates 2016 WaterSMART Basin Study Selection Process

February 2, 2016
Reclamation Releases Truckee Basin Study, Providing Tools for Water Managers in California and Nevada to Help Meet Future Water Demands

December 14, 2015
Study Finds Shift in Timing of Water Availability in Oregon’s Hood River Basin

December 14, 2015
Southeast California Regional Basin Study Evaluates Water Supply and Demand in Borrego, Coachella and Imperial Valleys

September 10, 2015
Basin Study Projects Shortfall in Future Water Supply for Santa Fe Basin in New Mexico

July 2, 2015
Bureau of Reclamation Provides $1.5 Million for River Basin Studies about How to Meet Future Water Demands

June 12, 2015
Basin Studies Provide Options for Communities to Meet Future Water Needs in the Western United States

Jan. 28, 2015
Reclamation Seeks Applicants for 2015 WaterSMART Basin Studies

June 9, 2014
Interior Announces Nearly $20 Million in WaterSMART Funding for Water and Energy Efficiency Projects and River Basin Studies at Western Governors' Annual Meeting

Last Updated: 9/7/16