Water Conservation Field Services Program


Reclamation Reform Act
This Act forms the foundation in statutory and administrative law for water conservation efforts:

With the Reclamation Reform Act of 1982, Congress broadened Reclamation's empowerment from building and managing waterworks on the supply side, to also making sure federal water was being put to reasonable and beneficial use on the demand side. This hefty body of law covers a lot of topics. Browse the section
titles for the items of interest, and then click on any frame you wish to print before choosing the print command.

Water Measurement Manual, 3rd edition, Revised 2001



Smart Controller ( PDF format) [2.7 MB]

This July 2012, 4th edition report was prepared to document the overall status of emerging weather and soil moisture based landscape irrigation controller technology. The information is targeted for water agencies to assist in their efforts to promote this technology as a means of conserving water and reducing irrigation runoff induced pollution. The report data were collected through December 2011, and updates to the report are planned in order to keep the document current as the products evolve and new products become available.

Water Savings Report ( PDF format)[109 KB]

This document summarizes the findings of a literature review of publicly available reports and articles for water savings studies that evaluated weather and soil moisture based ("smart") landscape irrigation control devices. It serves as a supplemental document to the Bureau of Reclamation (2007) Technical Review Report Weather and Soil Moisture Based Landscape Irrigation Scheduling Devices (see above).

Water Conservation Plans - The following files contain pre-formatted documents (Plan Form and Plan Tables) to help you prepare a Water Conservation Plan.

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