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Aspinall Unit
Crystal Reservoir Releases - Revised
February 9, 2015

Releases from Crystal Dam will be decreased from 600 cfs to 300 cfs on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 10th.  This release decrease is to allow the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association to complete maintenance and repair work on the Gunnison Tunnel diversion dam. This work is planned to occur on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 10th and 11th. Crystal releases are scheduled to return to 600 cfs on Thursday morning, February 12th, pending completion of the diversion dam repairs.

Flows in the lower Gunnison River are currently above the baseflow target of 1050 cfs. River flows are expected to drop below the baseflow target for the 2 days of diversion dam repair.

Pursuant to the Aspinall Unit Operations Record of Decision (ROD), the baseflow target in the lower Gunnison River, as measured at the Whitewater gage, is 1050 cfs for February.

Currently, diversions into the Gunnison Tunnel are zero and flows in the Gunnison River through the Black Canyon are around 650 cfs. During the period of diversion dam repair, flows in the Gunnison River through the Black Canyon should be around 300 cfs. Current flow information is obtained from provisional data that may undergo revision subsequent to review.

This scheduled release change is subject to changes in river flows and weather conditions.

For questions or concerns regarding these operations contact:

Erik Knight at (970) 248-0629 or e-mail at eknight@usbr.gov
Ryan Christianson at (970) 248-0652 or e-mail at rchristianson@usbr.gov