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Western Colorado Area Office - Water Operations: Lemon Reservoir

Live Capacity = 39790 acre-feet at 8148 feet Elevation

Pool Elevation: 8143.76 Feet
Reservoir Storage: 37207 Acre-Feet
Reservoir Inflow: 575 CFS
Reservoir Outflow: 193 CFS
Reservoir Live Storage Pool: 93.5 % Full
  122.3 % of Avg
Florida River (below Lemon) Flow : Not Available

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Florida Project: Lemon Reservoir

Colorado River Storage Projects provide for the comprehensive development of the Upper Colorado River Basin. The project furnishes the long-time regulatory storage needed to permit States in the upper basin to meet their flow obligation... Tell me more

Additional Data

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  • All Data are Provisional and Subject to Review and Modification.
  • AF = Acre-Feet
  • CFS = Cubic Feet/Second
  • FT = Feet Above Mean Sea Level
  • NA = Data Unavailable

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