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Project Fact Sheet

Fruitgrowers Project
Reservoir Fruitgrowers
River Alfalfa Run
   Total Capacity (af) 4469
   Live Capacity (af) 4428
Surface Area (aNWS) 438
Active Pool
   Storage (af) 4428
   Norm Water Surface (ft) 5485
Inactive Pool
   Storage (af) 0
   Top of Pool (ft) NA
Dead Pool
   Storage (af) 41
   Top of Pool (ft) 5460
Dam Crest (ft) 5493
Outlet Capacity (cfs) ----
Spillway Capacity (cfs) 1680
Spillway Crest (ft) 5485
Completion Date 1939

Units: Acre-Feet (af); Feet Above Mean Sea Level (ft); Cubit Feet Per Second: (cfs); Acres at NWS: (aNWS)

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Last updated: November 15, 2013