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Scoping Report

Paradox Valley Unit EIS Scoping Report   01/ 2013

Professional Papers

Geophysical Journal International - December 2014 | Download PDF
Induced seismicity constraints on subsurface geological structure, Paradox Valley, Colorado
Geophysical Journal International - October 2014 | Download PDF
Maximum magnitude estimations of induced earthquakes at Paradox Valley, Colorado, from cumulative injection volume and geometry of seismicity clusters
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth - June 2014 | Download PDF
Geological structure of the Paradox Valley Region, Colorado, and relationship to seismicity induced by deep well injection
Seismological Research Letters - June 2014 | Download PDF
The 24 January 2013 ML 4.4 Earthquake near Paradox, Colorado, and Its Relation to Deep Well Injection
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America - April 2005 | Download PDF
Deep-Injection and Closely Monitored Induced Seismicity at Paradox Valley, Colorado

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