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Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2006


This meeting was held at Wyoming Department of Fish and Game in Green River Wyoming. Attendees are listed below.

Purpose of Meeting

The purpose of operation meetings (held in April, and August) is to inform the public and other interested parties of Reclamation's current and future operational plans and to gather information from the public regarding specific resources associated with Fontenelle Reservoir. In addition, the meetings are used to coordinate activities and exchange information among agencies, water users, and other interested parties concerning the Green River.


Ed Vidmar called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. with 14 present (see attendees below). Ed introduced Rick Clayton who gave a presentation of the hydrologic conditions and historic operations of Fontenelle Reservoir.

Hydrology - Rick Clayton

Rick indicated that the Fontenelle Reservoir very nearly filled during the spring period however 52,000 acre-feet of space still remained at the end of the spring runoff period. The reservoir reached a peak elevation of 6500.5 feet which is 5.5 feet from the lip of the spillway. Spring of 2006 was not efficient in terms of runoff as compared to spring of 2005. Snow conditions in April were 110% of normal as compared to 90% of normal in 2005 yet the April through July inflow volume for 2006 was well below that volume that occurred in 2005. This can likely be attributed to antecedant soil moisture and precipitation that occurred during the fall months.

Releases during the base flow period (August through March) will likely be on the order of about 1100 cfs depending on inflows. This will involve a slight reduction from current releases of 1200 cfs. The group proposed that releases be reduced after the labor day weekend.

Dave Zelinka and Michael Hackett with the Wyoming Water Development Commission discussed the need for Reclamation to get involved in the research in the water supply augmentation that is planned to begin in the next year. Wyoming will be conducting cloud seeding experiments and will be working with the University of Wyoming to monitor the effects of these experiments. Ed Vidmar (Reclamation) indicated that Reclamation would stand by and be willing to cooperate in these studies and would be in contact with the State Climatologist.

Next Meeting

Ed Vidmar announced the tentative date for the next Fontenelle Working Group meeting will be Thursday, April 12 th, 2007, at 10 a.m. at the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

Previous Meeting Minutes

Fontenelle Working Group Meeting Minutes:





Ed Vidmar

Reclamation, Provo


Rick Clayton

Reclamation, Salt Lake City


Mike Meyer



Joseph J. Erkamouspe

R.S. Green River Water Board


Ed Boe

Wyoming State Engineer


Jim Fahey



Bart McDermott

FWS, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge


Bryan Seppie

Joint Powers Water Board


Ben Bracken

Joint Powers Water Board


Michael Hackett

Wyoming Water Development Commission


Dave Zelenka

Wyoming Water Development Commission


Robert Keith

Wyoming Fish and Game


Chuck Green

Reclamation, Supervisor Fontenelle Dam


Billy Elbrock

Reclamation, Acting Supervisor Flaming Gorge Dam


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