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Glen Canyon Dam Environment / Adaptive Management

The process of adaptive management is an important tool used to improve decision-making through better understanding and management of complex, interrelated systems. It provides a framework for a collaborative, iterative process of experimentation, evaluation, and modification necessary to achieve improved results over time.

Because of the complexities of the Colorado River ecosystem in Glen and Grand Canyons and the impact of Glen Canyon Dam on the ecosystem, years of scientific research and development of a comprehensive environmental impact statement attempted to identify alternative operational strategies for the dam that would improve the downstream environment.

The Record of Decision (ROD) for the Glen Canyon Dam EIS, signed in 1996, specified operating parameters for Glen Canyon Dam and mandated adaptive management of the resources in Grand Canyon. The result was the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program (AMP), designed to provide an organization and process for collaborative integration of dam operations, resource protection and management, and monitoring and research information. 

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Last updated: November 25, 2008