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Title image: UC Region Colorado River Storage Project

Flaming Gorge Dam Quick Facts

The Green River's headwaters are in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. Sixty miles below Green River, Wyoming, the river enters the first of many deep canyons, including Flaming Gorge. The name Flaming Gorge was given when Major John Wesley Powell and his company saw the sun reflecting off the brilliant, flaming red rocks as they explored the Green and Colorado Rivers. The waters of the Green River are stored behind Flaming Gorge Dam as part of the Colorado River Storage Project. Flaming Gorge Reservoir extends as far as 91 miles to the north and provides many recreational opportunities as part of the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam is famous for its trout fishing and rafting.

Flaming Gorge Dam History  
Construction authorized April 11, 1956
First construction contract award (temporary access road) January 4, 1957
Prime contract award June 18, 1958
Diversion of Green River around damsite August 17, 1959
First bucket of concrete September 18, 1960
Last bucket of concrete November 15, 1962
Start of storage in reservoir December 10, 1962
First power generated September 27, 1963
Last generator completed February 12, 1964
Dedicated by Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson August 17, 1964
Flaming Gorge Dam  
Height above bedrock 502 feet (153 meters)
Height above original river channel 455 feet (139 meters)
Crest length ( arch length at axis of dam) 1,285 feet (392 meters)
Volume of concrete:
     Dam only
     Powerplant & misc.
     Total concrete
Dam only
54,843 cubic yards (41,930 cubic meters)
1,041,487 cubic yards (796,274 cubic meters)
Cost of dam $49,600,000
Flaming Gorge Powerplant  
Number of generating units 3
Installed capacity 150 megawatts
Average annual power generation 500,000 megawatt hours
Cost of powerplant & switchyard $65,300,000
Flaming Gorge Reservoir  
Capacity, full (6,040 feet total) 3,788,799 acre-feet (4,674 million cubic meters)
Active capacity 3,749,000 acre-feet (4,624 million cubic meters)
Depth of water at dam (when full) 436 feet (133 meters)
Miles of shoreline (when full) 375 miles (604 kilometers)


Last updated: November 25, 2008