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Evelyn Erlandsen
State of Arizona

Evelyn Erlandsen is an Environmental Planner for the Arizona Department of Water Resources with the Colorado River Management Section. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Resources from Arizona State University. In her capacity with ADWR, Evelyn has also worked in managing the state's Recharge Program, led the establishment of local drought impact groups to fulfill requirements in the Governor's Drought Plan, and she also served as a technical reviewer in the riparian restoration program for the Arizona Water Protection Fund. In her role at the Arizona Game and Fish Department, she developed the Arizona Wildlife Linkages Program with AGFD research biologists to identify at-risk wildlife corridors for inclusion in regional planning; and recently worked with the Bureau of Reclamation on the technical review of restoration projects in restoring and protecting native fisheries in the Sacramento-Delta region.


Last updated: September 5, 2013