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TWG Alternate

Marianne Crawford
Bureau of Reclamation

Marianne Crawford joined the Bureau of Reclamation in July 2009 as a biologist. Her principal duties include acting as a technical representative for projects funded by Reclamation in the Grand Canyon portion of the Colorado River Canyon and contributing to the TWG and AMWG processes. Prior to that, she worked seven years as an aquatic biologist for the Fish and Wildlife Service in the Utah Field Office. In that capacity she conducted Endangered Species Act consultations and associated actions. She also represented FWS on the Southern Nevada Water Authority groundwater withdrawal project in Nevada and Utah. She has served in other capacities throughout her career including at Utah State University, in private consulting and the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources. Marianne grew up in Salt Lake City. She obtained a Bachelors and Masters Degree at Utah State University and lived in Logan, Utah for many years before returning to Salt Lake to pursue her professional career.


Last updated: September 5, 2013