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Dennis Strong, Director Utah Division of Water Resources

Dennis J. Strong, recently appointed Director of the Utah Division of Water Resources, has been with the Division for over 30 years.  He came to work with the Division as an engineer in the Design and Construction Section after working several years in his family’s construction business.  Dennis was promoted to Construction Coordinator, then Chief of Investigations, then Assistant Director and was the Division’s Deputy Director for the five years prior to being appointed Director. He served as Deputy Director in the Utah Department of Natural Resources during the Executive Director transition when Kathleen Clarke left to become the Director of the BLM.  As the Deputy Director, Dennis supervised the Development Branch of the Division which includes staff working on the investigation and funding of Board of Water Resources projects and design and construction engineering staff.  He has been involved with many complex projects and problems throughout his career and been able to bring people together to create reasonable workable solutions.


Last updated: February 27, 2013