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AMWG Alternate
TWG Member

Kerry Christensen

947 Rodeo Way
Peach Springs, AZ 86434-0300
Tel: 928-769-2255
Fax: 928-769-2309
E-mail: cuszhman@yahoo.com

Dr. Kerry Christensen has been the Senior Scientist in the Hualapai Tribe's Natural Resources Department for the past 14 years. He received his doctoral degree from Northern Arizona University in 1989 where he studied herbivore impacts on avian seed dispersal and mammalian seed predation of pinyon pine. Previously, he studied the ecology of river otters in central Arizona, and for his postdoctoral work he studied patterns of hybridization between two pinyon pine species and its associated effects on insect herbivore distributions. He currently oversees wildlife and vegetation monitoring programs on the Colorado River in lower Grand Canyon for the Hualapai Tribe as well as diversity of other environmental projects. He represents the Hualapai on the Lower Colorado Multispecies Conservation Program Steering Committee and has been involved with the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program since its inception.


Last updated: February 27, 2013