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header image: Water Project Automation



Reclamation has developed several prototypes which facilitate the installation of low-cost automation projects.

Photo: Prototype 1

Prototype 1 - Water Level Sensor

This device uses a float-and-pulley system that is geared to a potentiometer to measure water level. It is designed for use in a stilling well. It can be a useful sensor for a low-cost flow-monitoring station.


Prototype 2 - Gate Position Sensor (With Limit Switches)

Photo: Prototype 2

This device uses an enclosure over the gate stem to house a potentiometer (to measure gate position) and limit switches. It is designed for a gate system where the stem moves up and down in tandem with the gate.

Photo: Sevier Valley/Piute Canal - typical installation of Prototype 2

Because the device is visually prominent, it may not be appropriate for facilities that are susceptible to vandalism. It may not be useful for a system with a webcam, because the enclosure covers the gate stem (a useful visual monitoring point). This device can be a useful sensor for a low-cost gate actuator.


Prototype 3 - Gate Position Sensor

Photo: Prototype 3

This device is designed for a gate where the stem does not move up and down. On this device a gear reduction box is attached to the gate stem with a chain and sprocket. The gear reduction box is attached to a disk which adjusts the potentiometer and triggers the limit switches.

Photo: Prototype 3

This device is more appropriate than Prototype 2 where vandalism may be a problem or where there is a need for a webcam. On the installation pictured left, both Prototype 3 and a 12-VDC motor are attached to the brass lift nut assembly of the gate hoist.



Last updated: July 1, 2014