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Current Basin-wide Projects

The Provo Area Office is working on a variety of automation projects, including applications from environmental monitoring (weather, streamflow, soil moisture, groundwater levels, reservoir elevation, water quality, etc.) and warning systems (flood alert, dam safety, contamination alert, etc.) to remote control and automation (reservoir release, selective canal automation, on-farm irrigation control, water quality adjustments, etc.). Current projects include:

  Sevier River Basin Monitoring and Control (Utah, USA): Intensive monitoring and control underway on all the major reservoirs and canals in the Sevier River Basin. All real-time information (including a live image of the Richfield diversion structure) is currently available at www.sevierriver.org. This automation system is a joint effort between the Sevier River Water Users Association and Reclamation.

  Emery County Water Measurement and Control (Utah, USA): Real-time monitoring and control on Emery Water Conservancy District watershed service area. All real-time information (including several real-time images) is currently available at www.ewcd.org.

  Duchesne River Solar-Powered Automation Network (Utah, USA): A comprehensive real-time monitoring and control system has been installed on the Duchesne River and its tributaries - Lake Fork, Yellowstone, Uintah, and Whiterocks rivers. This is a joint project of the Duchesne County Water Conservancy District, Duchesne/Strawberry Water Users Association, Moon Lake Water Users Association, Uintah Indian Irrigation Project, and Reclamation. All real-time information is posted on www.duchesneriver.org.

  Bear River Real-time Monitoring System (Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, USA): The Bear River is somewhat more complicated to operate because of its five border crossings. The river is regulated by the Bear River Commission, an organization with representatives from all three states. There are real-time monitoring sites all up and down the river. All the information gathered is available at www.bearriverbasin.org

  Spanish Fork Automation System (Utah, USA): A comprehensive real-time monitoring on the Spanish Fork River and its major diversion. The system includes the five original Mormon canals, Strawberry Diversion Structure, Highline Canal, and the Springville Lateral. All the major diversion have been automated and there is an extensive monitoring system on the Highline Canal and Springville Lateral. Real-time monitoring information is available at www.spanishforkriver.org

  Upper Green River Monitoring System (Wyoming, USA): A 200-station monitoring system is currently being installed on the upper Green River by the Wyoming State Engineer's Office. Reclamation's Provo Area Office is participating in this activity

  Water District No. 65 Canal Automation (Idaho, USA): Real-time monitoring and control on the canals and reservoirs which make up the District. The latest addition to the real-time system on the Seven-Mile Slough is designed to improve the water quality in the Payette River.

  Jingtai Irrigation Scheme (Gansu Provence, China): Real-time monitoring and gate control on two demonstration sites in north central China (PRC). Provo Area Office staff assisted with design and installation.

  Kerian Irrigation Scheme (State of Perak, Malaysia): Real-time monitoring and control on an entire irrigation (paddy rice) system in northern peninsular Malaysia. Provo Area Office staff is assisting with design.

map of three project areas in China, Malaysia, and USA link to Jingtai Irrigation Scheme pageLink to Kerian Irrigation Scheme pageLink to Sevier River Basin Monitoring and Control

Reclamation's Provo Area Office has also participated in demonstration projects in Sanpete, Beaver, and Wayne counties in Utah, and with the Florida Irrigation Company in Colorado.


Last updated: July 1, 2014