Provo Area Office

Reclamation's Provo Area office is located 44 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah on the southern end of the City of Provo. The Provo Area Office's boundary of responsibility includes the State of Utah, southwestern Wyoming, and small sections of Idaho and Nevada. Within these states, the Provo Area Office is responsible for 17 separate water projects that have authorized the construction of 27 major and 34 minor dams, approximately 419 miles of canals, 613 miles of laterals, 57 miles of tunnels, 132 miles of pipelines, six powerplants, and 14 pumping stations. As part of these projects the Provo Area Office also oversees 1,063,666 acres of acquired fee title, withdrawn, and easement lands.

These projects provide irrigation water to over 400,000 acres of crop land each year and provide culinary water to nearly 1,500,000 people. The projects also provide significant flood control and power generation benefits, 50 miles of "class 1" stream fisheries (75 percent of the total in the state of Utah), and over two million visitor days of recreation each year.

News and Highlights

  • Photo: Echo Dam showing finished spillway and completed downstream berm. Features

    Reclamation Receives Excellence in Concrete Award for Work on Echo Dam

    In March, the Intermountain Chapter of the American Concrete Institute presented the Bureau of Reclamation’s Provo Area Office with the 2015 Excellence in Concrete Award for work on the Echo Dam spillway modification. Mike Talbot, Resident Engineer for the project, and Cary Southworth, Civil Engineer, accepted the award on behalf of Reclamation. Read More →

  • Provo River Delta Restoration Project Signed

    Provo River Delta Restoration Project group photo.On May 26, 2015, representatives from the Department of Interior and Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission met in Provo, Utah to sign Records of Discion—implementing the Provo River Delta Restoration Project (PRDRP). Read More →

  • In The News

    Juvenile Quagga Mussels Discovered at Deer Creek Reservoir

    Heber City, Utah – Routine water quality sampling has led to the detection of juvenile quagga mussels at Deer Creek Reservoir, located in north-central Utah. Quagga mussels are an invasive species which can be destructive to native habitat and to water related infrastructure. Read More →

Last Updated: 2/1/16