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Flow and Load Data

Under the Colorado River Water Quality Improvement Program, a number of Salinity Control Projects have been funded in the Uinta Basin and in Price and San Rafael River Basins. The Salinity Forum, which includes the state of Utah, has requested that monitoring be established to verify the effectiveness of the Salinity Program.

The area that has been selected for intense monitoring is the Desert Lake Waterfowl Management Area and surrounding area that receives irrigation return flow from irrigated farm lands in the Huntington-Cleveland-Elmo area, which receive water from the Huntington & Cleveland Irrigation Company.

Reclamation is working closely with the Emery Water Conservancy District (Emery WCD) in conducting this study. Real-time monitoring stations have been established on the four inflows and the outflow of Desert Lake, and on Washboard Wash. Emery WCD has agreed to operate and maintain the monitoring stations and to host the collected data on their website. They also collect water quality samples monthly at these monitoring stations and several natural springs which are up-gradient of the irrigated farm lands.

Water Sampling/Stream Gauging Stations


Last updated: August 5, 2008