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Rio Grande Project

Status of Rio Grande Compact Credit Waters & San Juan-Chama Water in Elephant Butte Reservoir and Accured Departures from Caballo Reservoir
March 2009

  Elephant Butte Reservoir   Caballo Reservoir
  Rio Grande Compact Credit Waters     Rio Grande Compact Accrued Departure
  Colorado New Mexico San Juan-Chama Pool   Texas
  (AF) (AF) (AF)   (AF)
Beginning of 2009 (derived from 2008 RGC Accounting) 10,600 97,400 31,938   892,000
Inflow to San Juan-Chama Pool from Albuquerque transfer upstream (January, 2009)     1,178    
Inflow to San Juan-Chama Pool from Santa Fe transfer upstream (February, 2009)     1,453    
Estimated Evaporation from January 1 - February 28, 2009 (derived from actual data)     396    
Caballo Reservoir Releases (actual data thru February 28, 2009)         10,256
Bonita Lateral Releases (actual data thru March 4, 2009)         270
2009 Departure from Normal Releases at Caballo Reservoir (thru December 31, 2009)         0
Preliminary Status of RGC Credit Waters, SJ-C Water, and Accrued Departure to February 28, 2009 10,600 97,400 34,173   892,000
*RGC - Rio Grande Compact

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