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Pecos River Restoration at the Overflow Wetlands, Area of Critical Environmental Concern
Draft Environmental Assessment

The proposed restoration project is a Reasonable and Prudent Measure (RPM) for the Pecos bluntnose shiner resulting from the Biological Opinion on the selected alternative from the Carlsbad Water Operations Environmental Impact Statement (Reclamation 2006; USFWS 2006). Two sections of the Pecos River are designated critical habitat for the shiner. The upper section extends 64 miles from just above the confluence of Taiban Creek downstream to near the confluence with Crocket Draw. The lower section extends 37 miles from approximately US Highway 31 downstream to the US Highway 82 bridge near Artesia (OSE 2012b).The project area is not within mapped critical habitat for the Pecos bluntnose shiner; the closest critical habitat is more than 33 miles to the north and 11 miles south of the project area..

 Environmental Assessment    [PDF]
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Last updated: January 18, 2013