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Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority
Contract for Storage of San Juan-Chama Water in
Elephant Butte Reservoir Final Environmental Assessment
and Finding of No Significant Impact

A contract with Reclamation is required for ABCWUA to obtain a 40-year agreement for storage of up to 50,000 AF of SJCP water in the Reservoir for municipal, industrial and other purposes. This 40-year contract will replace the existing 1983 storage contract. Presently, the ABCWUA uses this storage space for temporary storage of SJCP water, to deliver water to third parties in the vicinity of the Reservoir, and to offset ground water depletions that have an effect on the Rio Grande Compact. The ABCWUA has delivered small amounts of water to local grape growers (wineries). These amounts are measured by Reclamation, El Paso Field Office. Costs to read meters and check pumps are charged to ABCWUA annually as operation and maintenance costs. Each year the State of New Mexico notifies Reclamation in writing, of groundwater depletions by ABCWUA upstream. These depletions are offset with water stored in Elephant Butte Reservoir through Reclamation's water operations accounting procedures.

A 40-year replacement contract for storage of ABCWUA SJCP water in Elephant Butte Reservoir was never implemented. Also, since the issuance of the subject Final Environmental Assessment, new information is available that renders the associated FONSI obsolete. Therefore the FONSI has been rescinded. The proposed action of issuing the replacement contract will be analyzed through 2050 in the context of the ongoing Rio Grande Project Operating Agreement Environmental Impact Statement. This updated statement applies to the associated document, FONSI AAO-10-001 dated 1-28-2010.

 Final Environmental Assessment
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 Finding of No Significant Impact
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Last updated: July 11, 2014