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Low Lake Level At Elephant Butte Reservoir In 2004

photo: heavy equipment tearing down diversion dam
Coordination among the Bureau of Reclamation, International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) and El Paso County Water and Improvement District No. 1 (EPCWID #1) led to the removal of the failed, Reclamation-owned Riverside Diversion Dam in an effort to improve flood control capability in the Rio Grande.

In September, 2003, Reclamation’s Socorro Field Division staff led by Victor Chavez successfully removed a portion of the cofferdam and the failed diversion dam to improve flood capacity in that reach of the Rio Grande which is on the United States-Mexico border. Local coordination with IBWC and others was provided by Woody Irving of the El Paso Field Division. IBWC, with participation from Reclamation and EPCWID#1, will continue studies for final channel remediation.

The Riverside Diversion Dam, a structure in Rio Grande Project, located near El Paso, Texas, failed on June 9, 1987, due to high flows. The recent completion of the Rio Grande American Canal Extension (RGACE) diminished the need for the dam’s reconstruction.


Last updated: January 19, 2007